January 27, 2023
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The MBA is a respected postgraduate degree that provides an overview of key business processes and is highly valued by top organisations.

While the level of MBA is almost similar to other Master’s degrees, they are often pursued after a few years of work experience rather than immediately following a bachelor’s degree.

Generally, after pursuing an MBA, one can ask for a higher salary, a better professional reputation, and a significantly larger network of business contacts. Hence, if you’re a recent graduate looking for a high-flying executive position, an MBA may be what you need.

Below we have mentioned a list of the best MBA in Europe. But be warned: MBAs are costly and academically demanding. So before you take the plunge, you must be assured that it is the best option for you.

Top 5 Best MBA programs in Europe 

1.HEC Paris

Following their MBA, HEC alumni had a 152 percent pay rise. Leadership seminars, a student-run MBA multisport MBA championship, and the HEC Global Leaders Series, which features renowned speakers from the business world, are all part of the 15-month programme.

2. London Business School 

London Business School’s MBA programme lasts 21 months and is ranked as Europe’s best British business school. London is one of the world’s most important financial centres, with 100 percent of the world’s largest financial institutions headquartered there and three-quarters of the Fortune 500 businesses. Their employment statistics are remarkable, with 94% of MBA graduates taking a job offer within three months of graduation.

3. Insead 

INSEAD is the most highly regarded European programme and the third most highly ranked programs globally. The institution’s return on Investment (ROI) was quite good, with MBA graduates earning an average salary increase of 100%. The programme lasts ten months, and students can study at one of INSEAD’s three campuses in Fontainebleau, Singapore, or Abu Dhabi. Students take 14 core courses and approximately 75 optional courses.

4. SDA Bocconi/Università Bocconi 

The 12-month MBA programme at SDA Bocconi, which scored exceptionally well for return on investment, starts off as one of Europe’s top five programs. After graduation, students may expect a wage increase of 127 percent on average. 

During the first nine months at the program, students attend core lectures and concentrations, further six months are used to put their learnings into practice through individual internships, entrepreneurial help projects, or group business laboratories.

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With course fees so costly, it’s critical to demonstrate a return on your investment. An MBA can help you with this. Thus, it can lead you to get a promotion, higher pay, or even a career change.

MBAs are well-known and respected worldwide, so if you want to work in another country, the degree will be useful – especially as UK business schools are so well-regarded. An MBA can also assist you in specialising in your present field or in a new area that you desire to enter.

The bulk of MBA students is often from other countries, giving you a unique opportunity to network with business people from other backgrounds, potentially opening up a variety of job opportunities.

However, given the cost and the requirement that you have several years of job experience before applying for an MBA, it’s not a decision to be taken lightly. Think about whether you could achieve your goals without taking the course or enrolling in a different postgraduate programme. Inquire with your manager about the advantages of an MBA concerning your current job path.

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