February 2, 2023
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What are the essential factors do you need to consider before purchasing new cabinets in Kenya?

For giving a new elegant look to your kitchen or renovating the interior design of your room, there are some significant things that you are required to consider in your mind. This guide will help youknow about the basics of buying cabinets, including size, budget, style, construction, quality and finish. These all significant components is required to be considered before you are making a final decision to purchase the cabinets and this has been vividly described below:-

1. Quality:-

If you are living in the house for several years, you can easily select a good style of cabinets in Kenya.  But if this is going to be your bath or your “dream kitchen”, then your main foremost duty or responsibility is to look for top-quality construction cabinets.

In fact, before you opt to purchase the best cabinet, you must purchase those cabinets which have door, solid frames and drawer fronts, closed backs and reinforced corners. However, doors and drawers of cabinets must be easily closed and opened several times a day and must operate efficiently and smoothly. The finishing point on the wood must be smooth enough.

2. Budget:-

If you opt for bathroom remodelling project, what you need to do is set or establish your total budget plan. But do not let this decision scare you off. The cabinets which you select or choose will gradually set the tone for your new bathroom or kitchen and thereby play a vital role in transforming the inner space of your room.   

3. Measure your space:-

You will eventually require an interior designer professional expert who will embellish the decor of your room and thereby offer an amazing look in front of the visitors. But one significant aspect which you must not forget is measuring the entire region of your house.

You must therefore measure your area and think about deeply where you might want to fit or replace the old cabinets with the new ones. With these ready-made measurements in hand, you will be able to provide more relevant information to the salesman at the kitchen store or the home center, and are likely to receive more precise updates, estimates and innovative ideas for your project.  

4. Decorating style:-

You must have a look in magazines and stores in order to explore the best cabinets in Kenya. Stock cabinets comes forth in a limited number of styles. On the contrary, custom and semi-custom cabinets has offered you well-diversified range of cabinets and is easily available in the market stores.

So, therefore before you choose the best cabinets in Kenya, your main utmost responsibility is to choose or select a style that mixes well with the architecture of your house as well as also the interior design situated in proximity with other rooms. You can easily choose from natural wood which is nicely painted, comes with vivacious and attractive colors or laminate finishes.

5. Semi-custom,stock or custom:-

Stock cabinets are considered to be least expensive, it is constructed in standard shapes and sizes and are readily available in an abundant number of styles and woods. Semi-custom cabinets are typically built in standard sizes where you will find diverse options for storage purpose. The best thing you need to opt for is custom cabinets. It is constructed in either a workroom or on-site gives a dashing appearance of your room. 

6. Decide on the pulls, knobs and handles:-

Last but not the least, you are required to consider pulls, kitchen cabinet handles or other accessories to give the elegant look of your kitchen cabinets. When it comes to choose accessories, you are required to explore the wide options and match the overall profile of your kitchen cabinets that fits well. 

Key points to be taken away:-

We have offered you a basic guide on choosing the best cabinets in Kenya at an affordable prices. So, what are you waiting for? If you have any queries, feel free to contact us soon.    

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