February 2, 2023
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Almost all coffee beans look the same after the roasting process is completed. While there are dozens of different varieties of coffee beans available in the market, the only coffee beans that matter daily are Arabica and Robusta. When it comes to the daily cup, these are the two main types of coffee, popularly known across the globe. Knowing the difference between the two can be extremely helpful when choosing the right coffee beans.

So, if you are wondering if drinking arabica coffee in Dubai would be the ideal choice, here’s a proper guide to explain how arabica coffee is better than robusta coffee.

What is Arabica Coffee?

With a wide variety of coffee beans to choose from, you may be curious to know what arabica coffee is. Arabica coffee is one of the major varieties of coffee, making up about 75 percent of world coffee production annually. Arabica coffee beans are produced by Coffea arabica, a shrub that originated in East Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

While Coffea Arabica is one of the two types of coffee plants, Coffea Canephora is the other type of coffee plant that is commonly known as Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. Coffea arabica grows best in warm and temperate weather conditions, usually at altitudes between 1,300 to 1,500 meters. The plants grow to around five meters in height with dark green leaves, white flowers, and deep red berries.

Coffea Arabica plants its roots in grounds that are rich in minerals, sometimes even volcanic. This helps in building up the fine organoleptic properties of the coffee beans that are enhanced as the altitude increases. These coffee beans are mainly cultivated in Central and South America, however, there are also sites of excellence in Asia and Africa. Today it covers two-thirds of coffee production across the globe, providing a wide range of selections and diversity of tastes.

Does Arabica Coffee Taste Good?

Are you wondering what does arabica coffee taste like? Well, high-quality arabica coffee gives a slightly sweet flavor with hints of chocolate, nuts, and caramel. You may get a slight taste of fruit and berries. Please note that arabica coffee can produce a slight acidity and mild bitterness. However, cold brewing of the coffee beans can bring out the sweet flavors of arabica even more.

While the roasting process can affect the degree to which you notice the flavors, the area and soil composition used to grow the coffee beans can affect the balance of the flavors. You should always store the coffee beans properly to keep them nice and fresh, thus preserving those yummy flavor notes for a longer period.

If you look to buy arabica coffee in Dubai, you will notice that a majority of the grocery stores, markets, coffee shops, and cafés mostly sell only arabica coffee beans. Only a few brands mix both arabica and robusta coffee beans, particularly for expresso blends. So, all those yummy coffee drinks at the cafés in your local can probably be all arabica!

Why is Arabica Coffee So popular?

This widely popular blue-green coffee bean comes with an elongated shape and a slightly shallow, sinuous groove. The composition of arabica coffee beans makes it extraordinary. In fact, it differs from Coffea Robusta for its content, which includes:

  • 8% of sugars
  • 18% of oils
  • 0.9% – 1.7% of caffeine

As a result, arabica coffee beans produce a rich aroma, slightly sour, less astringent, and sweeter taste than robusta coffee beans. It is also comparatively less bitter than robusta coffee as it contains more sugar and less caffeine.


Now that you know how arabica coffee is better than other types of coffee, you must be excited to buy only arabica coffee in Dubai. You will love drinking arabica coffee if you specifically prefer lightly roasted coffee with an aroma of fruit and honey along with sweet notes. So, never mix arabica coffee with other less noble varieties as this will spoil the purity of the coffee’s delicacy.

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