January 24, 2023
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“Anti-cut gloves” or cut-resistant gloves are a kind of (PPE) or personal protective equipment that has been specifically designed to protect the hands from lacerations or cuts due to contact with several types of equipment, cutting machines, sharp-edged items such as blades, knives, glass, metals or ceramics, etc. 

In simple words, cut-resistant gloves have been specifically used for protecting the user’s hand cuts while working with sharp pointed objects. This glove has been made of cut-resistant materials. Moreover, these gloves need to be selected based on several parameters like direction, force, length of the cut, sharpness of the blade, and flexibility of the object.

Are anti-cut gloves or cut-resistant gloves is knife-proof or not? 

Selecting the right kind of PPE or (Personal Protective Equipment) is essential to keep your employees safe and also enable them to accomplish their daily assigned tasks without any apprehension of cut or injury. We believe that ensuring safety to employees starts with the correct tools and training, such benefits you are likely to get only by using cut-resistant gloves.

There are several kinds of cut-resistant gloves available on the market, therefore it becomes significant for you to break down its benefits and make a distinct comparison between normal wear gloves and anti-cut gloves. To eliminate the risk of accidents or injury inside the workplace, you should opt to purchase anti-cut gloves because it is knife-proof and protects your hands from severe cut and injury. Moreover, gloves have been designed in such a way to protect the wearer’s hands while working with sharp tools and equipment in an industry.

Thus, cut-resistant gloves have prevented the risk of getting injured entirely, it helps to minimize the chances of indoor accidents that may happen inside the workplace. These gloves have offered some additional levels of precaution and protected your hands and fingers from:-

  • Cuts
  • Lacerations
  • Knife injuries

Such kinds of cut accidents and lacerations have occured because workers are not taking safety precautions with their cutting tools. Therefore, exercising safety precautions is the most vital factor in preventing the risk of unwanted accidents. The effectiveness of anti-cut gloves will primarily depend on a number of factors such as:-

  • Direction
  • Force
  • Cut length
  • Blade sharpness  

What are the benefits of anti-cut gloves?

Anti-cut gloves are basically cut-resistant gloves that offer the user protection against harmful injury. It is also worth noting that exposed knife blades also pose a severe risk to other parts of the body if it is not cut-resistant gloves. Therefore, for this reason, multiple pieces of PPE are essential to provide protection to your employees.

Some of the essential benefits of cut-resistant gloves has been vividly described below:-

  • Cut-resistant materials:- Anti-cut gloves come in various styles, and they are available in different sizes typically made of different materials. Besides, you need to judge the safety or standard levels of anti-cut gloves. It should be tested and acknowledged by ASTM (American National Standard Institute) F2992 test. 
  • Choose the kind of cut-resistant gloves for the task:- It is natural to think that you must buy the highest rate gloves that give you safety against cuts. In simple words, the right kind of gloves which you purchase must be the one that best safeguards your workers from the hazards they face in the workplace. 

For example, wearing heavy-duty gloves for simpler tasks might not give your employees enough dexterity to accomplish their jobs in an effective way. Therefore, the workers might be tempted to remove the gloves to do the pending task, and as a consequence, the employees put their safety at risk.

  • It has ensured safety:- Safety within a workplace is the main significant factor to ensure protection to your employees. Being a business owner, you need to ensure that your team has PPE products in order to minimize on-site accidents, injury and thereby reassure your employees that safety is of top priority. Industrial cut-resistant gloves have been considered one of the most essential pieces of PPE for providing safety in the workplace.

Key points to be taken away:-

With superior glove options available in the market, we have offered a basic guide for you to choose the best anti-cut gloves and use appropriate tools to accomplish the task. Still, if you have any queries then without hesitation feel free to ask.     

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