January 31, 2023
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Apart from the 6.5 kW solar system cost, there are other essential things to know about this solar set up before making the purchase decision. People often refrain from buying or getting the 6.5 kW solar system owing to its high price and installation charges. They are uninformed about the features and efficiency of this solar panel system thereby considering it as an unnecessary expensive investment. Solar installations have been in great demand lately with a wide range of options and sellers in the market. However, you must know about the specific features and productive capacity of each solar panel before finalizing the ideal one for you.

Due to the increasing demand for electricity in commercial and residential spaces, people have begun looking for cost-effective ways to fulfill the electricity requirements. One such effective way is switching over to solar energy that facilitates the production of consumable energy in abundance. Out of the wide-ranging types and categories of solar panels, 6.5 Kw is one of the best solar panel systems ideal for powering medium to big size houses, offices, firm shops, etc. It is designed to generate a sufficient amount of electricity for constant supply to houses and buildings having frequent power cuts. The 6.5 kW solar system cost and efficiency differ based on factors like the type of inverter and solar batteries being used.

6.5 kW solar system: Number of panels

The number of solar panels varies depending on the wattage of solar panels. This wattage usually ranges from 250 watts to 400 watts. If you are planning to go for 300-watt solar panels, you are likely to need 20 panels. While if you choose to go for 350+ watt solar panels, 18 panels will suffice the need for a 6.5 kW solar system.

The 350+ watt panels are quite expensive owing to their high-efficiency capacity. Getting these can be ideal for limited rooftop space availability. However, it is best advised to go for lower-efficiency panels if you have enough space to accommodate them.

6.5 kW solar system: Power generation capacity 

On average, a 6.5 kW solar system is expected to generate 26.4 units per day. The power generated depends on factors like the number of panels, positioning of the panels, and the availability of electricity. For example, a solar installation in sunny areas is likely to generate more electricity than in areas experiencing less sunlight. The quality of the solar inverter and batteries also plays a significant role in the amount of energy produced by the solar panels. This power generation capacity is enough to offset the daily household or office energy usage.

6.5 kW solar system: Ideal inverter

A solar installation is a complete set of solar panels, solar inverter, and solar batteries that work together to convert, store, and supply maximum consumable energy. Any discrepancy in these can affect the overall functioning and performance of the solar system. Therefore, it is important to get the ideal solar inverter and battery to ensure optimized output results. While the solar panels are responsible for generating electricity, the solar inverter and batteries help in converting and storing the generated electricity for human use.

Talking about the inverter required for a 6.5 kW solar system, 5 kW solar inverter is the most common and suggested one. It is efficient in storing the amount of electricity generated by the solar panels without hampering the consistency of the power supply.

6.5 kW solar system: Ideal installer

Apart from the quality and efficiency of the solar panels, it is important to choose the right installer. Since these solar systems are heavy rooftop installations, it is essential to get them installed professionally. Also, buying from a credible solar company can fetch you additional benefits like pre and post-installation assistance. They offer quality client support so that the installation is made easier and more convenient.

The 6.5 kW solar system cost offered by installers differs significantly due to factors like location, branding, product quality, additional benefits, etc. Therefore, you must assess the different available options in the market before selecting one. Basic factors like customer support, quality assurance, warranties, etc. should be considered to ensure a valuable purchase.

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