February 2, 2023
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What all essential factors do you need to consider before printing on plastic containers?

When it comes to the packaging of modern products, in that case, you need to consider some of the basic factors in your mind. Commonly utilized materials like jugs, boxes, bottles, and plastic containers are valued for their versatility, cost-effective nature, and durability.

Regardless of whether you are using plastic for beverages, food products, chemicals, or plastics both federal regulations and distributor standards require the use of industry-specified markings for packaging purposes. Moreover, it is practically been applied in the form of barcodes, batch numbers, and data matrices. These pet bottle laser printing machine has minutely made the markings to be used for multiple purposes, including:-

  • Creating or educating awareness in the minds of consumers about the laser-printed markings on pet bottle products.
  • Enabling reporting and product tracking.
  • Powering the retail process.
  • Eliminating counterfeit merchandise.

When you opt for any industrial marking application, a close evaluation and scrutiny of certain details are required for the successful printing of plastic containers. Workplace conditions, the shape of the container, and the specific type of plastic all impacts coding results. If one does not adequately make an account of these elements, it can render codes unreadable, eventually leading to big issues or serious blunders along the supply chain process.

So, in order to avoid severe complications, you need to consider the main essential factors before you opt for a pet bottle laser printing machine and this has been distinctly described below:-

  • You need to be mindful of curvature:- Plastic containers have been prepared on a well-diversified range of shapes. While flat-surfaced pet bottles are the trend used by consumers. Many such plastic container forms have been well-designed with dramatic curves. Pet bottles, soda bottles, chemical jugs have been commonly used as plastic containers and each one of them has been subjected to direct marking including:-
  1. Bar code
  • Part number
  • Serial number
  • Expiration date

Each of these laser-printed markings has played a significant role in developing traceability and thereby both the distributors who are supplying plastic bottles and consumers comply in accordance with the industry regulations. Moreover, if you want to create a code on plastic bottles, you require an effective laser printer machine that not only creates a meaningful code reflecting your branded products but also consumers get aware of your services with the help of a pet bottle laser printing machine.

Laser marking systems is well-designed for curved surfaces as well. You can easily utilize contact-free marking methods to place codes onto the product surfaces. In simple words, you can easily mark curved surfaces on the pet bottles with ease. Besides, many laser printers are created with easily-adjusted marking heads to engrave printed logos on plastic products.

Use such kind of printer that fulfills your production requirements:-

In today’s trend, industries have numerous machines available in the market. Each of these printer models has some pros and cons. Your main foremost concern is to choose such a laser printer machine that will fulfill all your operational requirements and thereby produce productive results in the long run.

For example, plastic containers or pet bottles often get marked on quick-moving production lines. These lines execute their operations throughout the whole day without any interruption. Sometimes, due to adverse environmental conditions some industries that package pet bottles faced severe problems related to humidity, heat, cold, and dust. So, therefore to prevent periods of downtime, a company must utilize laser engraved printers that fit their requirements. While you opt for a pet bottle laser printing machine, you must purchase printers that are compact and cost-effective.

  • Utilize an appropriate ink for the purpose of engraving on plastic containers:- The world of plastics is diverse, magnificent filled up with a variety of materials. Plastic types range from lightweight materials like (PET) polyethylene terephthalate to strong construction materials like PC (polycarbonate). Most importantly, having the best printer becomes useless if you are not using suitable ink for the application. 

Key points to be taken away:-

In order to create durable, high legible codes, you need to comprehend the scope of plastic printing. So, therefore, for this reason, we have brought forth a basic guide on pet bottle laser printing machines which requires to be printed for creating brand awareness of your products.

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