January 29, 2023
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Encroaching into the corporate world is only the tip of the iceberg; one has to endeavour a lot to form their own unique brand in the competitive market. The greatest dare which is frequently faced by entrepreneurs is to compete in a similar business field between the existing renowned brands.

So, you have to form a product that will not only be unique but can create a large customer base as well. Though, there are extreme possibilities that other companies can misuse your Product Name, Logo, or Mark to menace your business.

For that reason, it is always appropriate to get your Mark, Name, or Logo registered because it will help to defend the business from invasion through government insurance.

The entire subject is based on the welfare of “Trademark Registration in Turkey”.

Why it is essential for a business to register a Trademark?

The seriousness of Trademark Registration is far beyond the appraisement of the corporate sphere. This protects the business from counterfeit or from crooked occupation. 

Basically, it is a copyright or an immaterial asset that an owner can use to transfer, sell, or franchise. Moreover, a corporation can enhance its authenticity by acquiring a Trademark Certificate. 

As it creates a constructive image in the customer’s mind that a specific brand is trustworthy and manufactures standard products.

The welfares of “Trademark Registration in Turkey”: –

Here are the most evidential points of TM Registration or “Trademark Registration in Turkey”.

1. Offers exclusive rights to the owner: –

A registered Trademark holder has huge prerogatives to make use of identical Mark for each division of items that falls under the category submitted for a Trademark Application. The holder possesses the sole authority of a Trademark and stops others from using it under the same division where it’s registered.

2. Builds brand’s reputation: –

The standard of commodities is not only certified by a Trademark it also emphasizes the goodwill of the brand. So, it assists in acquiring the trust of the customers and enhancing their reliability on a specific brand.

3. Creates Unique Product Identity: –

When you deal in a competitive line of business, it becomes significant to outshine others.  Anyone can simply provide a strong impression of their brand through a particular emblem that transfers the vision and other features of their organization. The greatest welfare of having Trademark Registration is that it facilitates possible clients to locate your brand. So, it helps to make your commodities distinct from your competitors and present them as an effective promotional tool.

4. Brand protection for ten years: –

After completion of the registration, this becomes cogent for 10 years from the date of its registration and can be renewed at a minimum charge.

5. Protects against infringement: –

The holder of a registered Trademark can breathe freely as no one is permissible to utilize his/her brand logo. If anybody exploits a registered emblem without the assent of the holder; then that guy can file legal actions under the law amendments.

Steps for Trademark Registration in Turkey: –

1. Search for a unique brand logo: –

You have to gaze for an eccentric name or emblem for your company. Make certain that these things are not been used earlier by any organization or are registered. The logo of an organization must be pertinent to the slot of their business and must not deceive the customers about a product or service.

2. Draft the application of Trademark Registration: –

After completion of shorting the logo/name next comes filing of the Trademark Application which may cost near around 2096 lira. Provide all the vital docs., with the application, like the copy of the logo, Incorporation Certificate or Partnership Deed, Signed Form, Address proof, ID proof of Directors.

3. Filing of Trademark Application: –

Through online or manual mode you can submit your Trademark Application. During manual submission, the applicants have to visit the registered office and submit their application with relevant documents. After their submission, they’re going to receive an acknowledgment receipt within the time span of 15-20days. On the other hand, in online mode, the applicant receives an Acknowledgement receipt instantly soon after submitting his/her application.

4. Analysis of an Application: –

The inspection procedure is then conducted by the Registration Authority. They’re going to evaluate whether the info is right and worthwhile. In case any inconsistency arises, the application will reject.

5. Publicize the approved Trademark in the Journal: –

When the authority endorses the application, Trademark is published in Trademark Journals. If no one doesn’t elevate any concern about the Trademark’s authenticity within 3 months of its publication, then the brand logo will be accepted universally.

6.  Issuance of Trademark Certificate: –

Afterwards the sequence of trials and tribunals, Register is going to accept the application and distribute the certificates.

Conclusion: –

Therefore, this is all about the Trademark Registration. Now since you’ve gone through the entire matter – you have got adequate information regarding it. Then, why wait? –  find trusted resources and do your trademark registration now.

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