January 25, 2023
Coffee Mugs
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Planning and preparing gifts can be stressful on the best of days. However, it can get incredibly hectic right before the holidays. It’s best to plan ahead, but there’s always a backup if you can’t. 

Putting a few well-thought-out items in a customized mug sets makes for a thoughtful gift that doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet.

13 Unique Ideas to Gift a Coffee Mug

Here’s a list of things to put in coffee mugs for gifts.

The Lazy day mug

This gift is for that friend who needs a day off from 9 to 5. Fresh cotton socks, hot chocolate packets with mini marshmallows make a relaxing gift for someone looking to stay in and enjoy lazy solitude.

The mug cake mug

There are countless easy recipes mug cake recipes online. Just gather and mix the ingredients and put them in the Mug. Be sure to wrap the gift, or the ingredients carefully will pour out. Make certain the recipes are microwavable and easy to make.

The Artsy Mug

The perfect gift for your artistic friend who’s constantly running out of supplies would be to fill a mug with a few paintbrushes and a travel-sized watercolor set. Your friend will be so impressed by your thoughtfulness they might even paint you for their next project.

The R&R Mug

The rest and relaxation mug, where you can put travel-size hand creams, chocolates, lotions and facemasks. The perfect gift for a friend who is in dire need of a bit of self-care and rest.

The Mug for your grandma

It doesn’t need to be for your grandma, although she’ll definitely appreciate it. Fill a mug with a couple of balls of yarn and a set of knitting needles. It’s best to find out what project they are currently working on or if the yarn you buy them is just going to sit there until they need it.

The cactus in a mug

A small plant or cactus in a mug can be the perfect gift for a friend who needs a little green in their life. Put a few rocks in the bottom of a mug and then pack it with a bit of soil. Then put the plan in and water it.

The ‘for your boss’ mug

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift for your boss, you can put mini stationery such as staplers and paperclips along with some homemade cookies into a mug. You can also add a customized keyring to show that extra bit of appreciation.

The office essentials mug

Looking for the perfect gift for your workaholic friend? Put a mini hand sanitizer, earphones, coffee sachets, and post-its will be greatly appreciated as I am sure your friend is constantly losing or running out of these things.

The sick day mug

For the friend that gets sick a little too often, fill a mug with the sick day essentials of tissues, lip balm, soup sachets and small containers of honey and lemon. Your friend will always be grateful to you because, after all, a friend in need is a friend indeed.

The gardener mug

The perfect gift for your friend with a green thumb would be a mug full of seeds of their favorite variety of plants, a pair of gardening gloves, and hand cream so that they don’t actually get green fingers. The beautiful garden they’ll have because of you will constantly remind them that you were a good friend to them.

The self-love mug

Fill a mug with a make-up brush, lip colors, mascaras, and individual eye pallets for the perfect travel touch-up kit for a friend who is always concerned about their appearance. However, before you buy the make-up, it’s best to do a little bit of research on what your recipient usually wears.

The early riser mug

An exciting gift for your early riser friend. Fill a mug with mini sudoku, mini pencils, premium coffee sachets and a newspaper subscription. Your recipient will thank you every time they read it in the morning.

The stress release mug’

If you’re worried about a particular friend’s stress levels, how about a mug full of the following? Put a stress ball, fidget cube and a bath bomb, all of which fit easily into your Mug, and your friend can de-stress in a fun and simple way.

To wrap it up

At the end of the day, a good gift depends on how thoughtful and sincere the gift is rather than how expensive it is. You always need to consider the recipient’s personality and needs for the gift to be truly touching and for them to be grateful to have a friend like you.

Hopefully, this article gave you some clever and cost-effective ideas on things to put in coffee mugs for gifts.

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