January 28, 2023
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When talking about trends, the trend of smoking a joint to take the edge off doesn’t seem to fly out of fashion. Cannabis has been used for centuries and its usage doesn’t seem to cool down anytime soon. What makes the experience of smoking a joint distinct? The quality of weed, your company, the air, and the quality of rolling papers. 

Also called blanks, joint paper, cigarette papers, and hemp wraps, rolling papers are industry manufactured thin sheets of paper used to roll in the weed. With high-quality rolling papers, you’re going to get a smooth smoking experience. These papers are commonly made of rice straw, wood pulp, flax, and hemp and they are either hand-rolled or machine-rolled.

Rolling papers are typically sold in small cardboard pads. The size of these papers usually ranges between 70 to 110 millimeters. It’s available in both flavorless and flavored variants. Flavors like blueberry, double chocolate, grape, and pineapple enhance the taste of the terpenes found in the weed. Continue reading to gather more knowledge on rolling papers. 

The history of rolling papers

Humans discovered the art of getting stoned in ancient times but learned to use rolling papers for joints approximately 500 years ago. The first rolling paper mills were established in Spain in the 15th century and since then rolling papers have undergone huge evolution. Stoners of 2022 have a lot of choices at their mercy. They can choose wrapping papers of different sizes, materials, flavors, and more. 

How are rolling papers made?

Papers used for educational purposes are generally made from wood but rolling papers are not. Rolling papers are either made from non-wood fibers from plants like rice straw, flax, or hemp. These kinds of fibers tend to burn slower than wood fibers which makes them more compatible to use for smoking purposes. Depending on the different kinds of raw materials used for its manufacture, the papers provide their own unique features including taste, speed of burn, and the ease of rolling the joint. Each of them is discussed in the following section.

1. Rice 

Rice is pressed to make rolling papers. These wraps are the thinnest of all and offer a flavorless smoke and burn gently. Rice papers are a safer choice and the most eco-friendly too. 

2. Flax 

Flax seeds quite have the reputation of being super healthy. The plant’s fibers can be used to make rolling papers. Flax fiber is also an eco-friendly material but its popularity seems to have descended lately. 

3. Hemp

Hemp wraps are made from fibers of the hemp plant and stoners love them. They’re easy to roll and once lit, they burn stably and don’t influence the scent of the weed. 

4. Wood pulp 

Wood pulp has been primitively used as a rolling paper material and they are thicker than its equivalents. Thick papers are easier to roll. Papers made from wood pulp survive well in a humid climate and offer a fine grip. They originally appear brown but to turn them white, wood pulp wraps need to be bleached. 

5. Transparent rolling papers 

How trippy would it be if you could actually see the crushed weed through the skin of the rolling paper while smoking? With transparent rolling papers, you actually can. They are basically made of plant cellulose and the patch of adhesive is absent too as the paper sticks by itself. 

Types of rolling papers based on size 

Not everyone buying wrapping papers intend to make marijuana cigarettes of the same size. Some like joints while others might like a thick fat blunt. Rolling papers are mostly sold in these three size variants:

  • King Size:  Do you generally roll a standard-sized joint? The king size rolling paper will do the job. Its dimensions are 100×53 mm and they are thicker which is why they burn at a faster rate. 
  • King size slim: Their length and breadth remain the same as the king size papers but they are thinner. 
  • Single wide: As the name suggests, the single wide papers work best if you light up a joint all by yourself and have no one to share. The amount of weed it can hold is lesser than the King size. 

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