January 24, 2023
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Hotel bedding is quite tricky to make because hotel beds are not like normal bed. Hotel beds have a lot of parts and every part has different things to cover that particular part of the bedding. Wholesale Hotel Supplies provide every essential that can be used in covering the hotel bedding the correct way.

It may seem complicated to make the hotel bed at first but when everything is done one by one then it seems easy because one thing is done and then it gets followed up by the other thing. Hotel bedding when it is done with full concentration, it looks very good and classy. 

Steps To Make Bed

There are several ways following which people will be able to make a good bed. And these ways are as follows:

Start With the Bed Skirt

At first, bed skirt should be applied on the bed. The bed skirt is the first step to make the bedding of the hotel. This comes on top of the structure of the bed so that it does not looks bad. 

Add The Mattress Topper

After the bed skirt, the mattress topper is applied on the mattress. Mattress is the spongy bed on which people lay down. The mattress topper is very thin and it is fitted to the mattress so that it adds a layer on the bed. 

Mattress Protector 

Mattress protector should be applied so that it can protect the mattress. And make one more layer on the bedding because it has to be secure. 

Fitted Sheet

Fitted sheet comes next because from this the bedding starts to take its shape and it also has to look clean from this point. This part is paid attention to because the fitted sheet should be without any wrinkles.

Flat Sheet

After the fitted sheet comes the flat sheet and this flat sheet is thick and it is not tucked in the bedding because it is applied to give a close look to the bedding. 


This is the long sheet or the thing people call bed sheet. This sheet can be of various colors and also is a little longer that the other bedding sheets because this sheet covers all the sides of the bed and make it look good.


After the duvet pillows should be kept on the bed. So that it starts to come together. After the pillows there is only one step left in the making of the bed. Pillows of different shapes and sizes can be added to the bed according to particular choices and these pillow covers can or cannot be matching with the duvet. 


This is the last step of making the bed. When blankets are kept the bedding is complete and people can directly come and get into the blanket to get their good night sleep. 


So, this was how people can make bed in eight steps. Some people often skip one or two steps in making the bedding but they should not be skipped because then the bedding will look incomplete and not appeal the guest. 

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