February 2, 2023
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You might have come across a situation where you are extremely impressed and inspired by a
piece of writing on a social media post but the image attached to it could not win your heart.
Have you ever confronted a situation like this? Well! In this era of social media, millions of
users post content on an everyday basis.
Not all social media users have proper knowledge of several aspects like the objective of
social media itself, procedures to put a post, ways to design content, techniques for the proper
placing of an image, and many more. In this article, we are going to discuss several easy yet
effective ways to edit images for a social media platform like Instagram. These are not
rocket science.
They are simple ways, extremely easy to follow or grab. They not only help you enhance the
quality of a social media post but also help immensely in bringing a good name to your
business, brand, organization, or institution. It beings good fame and also invite a lot of
organic traffic toward your business. If you are searching for someone to edit image for your
company or business, you can search for Agile Infomix, a digital marketing agency in

Remember! Posting quality images is one of the greatest ways to attract an audience or your
targeted audience. Top-line images matter a lot when it comes to representing your business
and content, especially on a public platform like social media spheres like Facebook,
Instagram, and all kind of such public spaces that you can think of. Following are some of the
ways to edit images for Instagram-

  1. Use different photo editing tools: Uncountable photo editing apps have flourished
    with time and some of them have been designed and developed to serve the best of the
    best. These image editors bear several special features that allow a photographer or
    any individual keen to edit photos like a pro with options that can turn their raw
    pictures or photographs into something extremely likable and appreciable. Different
    picture editing tools like Snapseed, Inshot, TouchReTouch, Enlight, VSCO, etc bear a
    variety of features that allows people to give life to an existing photo with the help of
    different filters, stickers, margins, effects, and other adjusting tools like contrast,
    brightness, sharpness, blur effects, and so on.
    As someone who keeps an interest in editing photos for different objectives, he or she
    should always experiment with different kinds and types of photo editing apps present
    on the web. If you are searching for an agency to help you out in editing images
    ethically, you can search for Agile Infomix, a digital marketing agency in
  2. Take high-quality photos in Max Resolution: If you want your Instagram family and
    others to appreciate your photos or if you want to collect as many likes as you can on
    Instagram, you should practice taking high-quality photos with the help of max
    resolution. It refers to the term that defines the highest and the greatest number of

pixels that a cell phone or a computer can display. You can take several photos in the
natural light but even if the light in the photo is unsatisfactory, you can shift to HDR
mode. According to a site on the web named, Socialchamp, it is always better to
choose a photo of 1080pixels. 

  1. Choose colour wisely: This is a very important step while experimenting with an
    image. Colour plays a significant role in attracting an audience or people browsing the
    web. Photos with eye-catchy colours and appealing colour balance in a photo are a
    great way to enhance your social media posts. A majority of social media users pay
    attention to photos and the writing part comes second.

Therefore, it is of utmost necessity to maintain photo or photos with colours that
elucidate overall content and serves the best-coordinating element to the message of a
business being posted on social media. In most cases, it is better to stay calm and
composed and maintain colours that match your business aura. Colours play with the
psychology of people. Therefore, like other strategy implementations, deciding on
colour is also a very important job for a designer or an editor.
A strong photo with well-balanced colour achieves more clicks and likes than its
opposite one. If you are in search of an agency to properly edit your business images,
you can type Agile Infomix, a digital marketing agency in Guwahati.

  1. Preserve natural skin tone: It is always better to maintain a natural skin tone while
    editing photos, especially while editing portraits. There is nothing wrong with
    improving or retouching photos but it also defines that you should not cross the limits
    though. You should not overdo retouching.
    A photo with much and vigorous experimentation with all the features of a photo
    editing app or any social media platform often ends up leaving the audience terrified
    and disturbing. Therefore, it is of utmost necessity to maintain a tone that does not
    attack the eyes sharply and should be such that an improved photo reflects something
    more aesthetic and meaningful.
    If you closely observe some of the works of popular photo editors or vloggers, you
    will get the opportunity to access how beautifully these creative editors balance
    photos with the proper proportion of skin tone.
  2. Adjust White Balance: When it comes to standard photo editing, adjustment of white
    balance plays a very important role. A person should make sure that an image should
    be adjusted properly with the white balance aspect. White balance is utilized to
    change tones to match the shade of the light source so that white items seem white.
    Subjects might be lit by various different light sources, including daylight, radiant
    bulbs, and fluorescent lighting. In digital photography, white balance is used to give

photos a much more natural look or tone. This type of balance provides a proper
colour temperature to an image.

  1. Crop your photos: Well! You might think about how cropping helps in defining an
    image that gets a pretty number of likes. In reality, cropping an image actually helps a
    business owner, a photographer, or an individual to make their targeted people focus
    on things that the owners or individuals want. Therefore, the process of cropping
    photos should not be underestimated.

Techniques like the Rule of Thirds and negative space approaches are used
extensively and these result in something great every time. If you want an agency to
work for your business and provide quality image editing, you can search for Agile
Infomix, a digital marketing agency in Guwahati.

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