January 30, 2023
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The white paper is a popular marketing tool for many companies. Distributed to potential customers, it allows a brand to increase its credibility as an expert in its field. However, to achieve this goal, it must be well written and provide concrete solutions to customers.

Writing is an art, especially when it is associated with marketing actions. Before embarking on this adventure, discover the mistakes not to make if you write a white paper yourself.

1 – A white paper: queso?

This is the first question to ask yourself before even thinking about writing a white paper. Indeed, the first mistake is to start without knowing what it is. It is sometimes called an eBook. Whatever its name, this book has a specific objective: to promote the company, its services, and its expertise and you can also get help from the wikipedia writing service agency. In other words, it must reflect the strategic vision of the organization. Writing a white paper requires having a well-defined service offerclear objectives, and a perfect understanding of your clientele. The white paper aims to meet the needs of (future) customers.

The white paper is used to position the company as a leader in a particular area of ​​expertise. By reading it, the prospect does not systematically do business with the company. On the other hand, if the content of the eBook is relevant, he will not hesitate to call on his services if necessary. In addition, this prospect also becomes an ambassador for the brand. If he reads quality content, he will talk about it around him.

2 – Not identifying your objectives and personas in your white paper

When writing the white paper, you have to follow a plan, clear and precise. The eBook is used to achieve marketing and communication objectives. It is, therefore, necessary to make sure to list them clearly. The writing work is the last step. It is the result of a well-crafted journey. The objectives can be the following:

  • Increase the credibility of the company;
  • Improve notoriety;
  • Position yourself as a leader in a field;
  • Generate leads;
  • Increase conversion rate.

Whatever the goals, never losing sight of them is important to avoid getting lost. Also, another the important steps is to work on personas. This term refers to customers.

A company can have customers with various profiles. The role of a marketing or communication team is therefore to create a standard profile for each clientele. To do this, this work must be credible. Giving the first name, and a face to a persona helps to personify it and to put oneself in the skin of this character during the writing work. We must be interested in his character traits, his consumption habits, etc.

Note that not every company necessarily has marketing specialists within it. In this case, do not hesitate to call on an agency specializing in writing that offers support from A to Z for this type of project.

3 – Start without a writing plan

A white paper is not written on a corner of the table. Remember that it is a content marketing tool that can be formidable. It can generate leads, increase the conversion rate and therefore, ultimately, increase sales. It requires an investment of time and money, but it is a necessary evil.

writing plan includes both the marketing objectives of the eBook, the theme and sub-themes, paragraph and titles, and keywords. The more detailed it is, the more useful it is. A business leader may have the idea of ​​a theme for a white paper, but he will not have the time or the skills to write it. This plan must therefore be clear and precise to be certain of achieving the set objectives. Do not hesitate to seek the help of specialists to formulate this essential part.

4 – Not having solid content for your white paper

We cannot emphasize this enough. A good white paper is a good cona tent. It is, therefore, best to focus only on your areas of expertise. No need to venture down unknown paths. A good part of the readers is not neophytes. They, therefore, know how to recognize an expert in their field. The background is very important. Not only is it necessary to work on the argument, but it is even more relevant to accompany it with data and other sources that can support it.

Computer graphics are one of the tools to use and integrate into an eBook. This format makes it possible to give life to sometimes complex data. It is very popular with readers because it is easy to decode and allows you to quickly understand advanced concepts. The imagined e and the photo are other formats to be favored in the white paper.

Finally, the point must be clear. A paragraph contains an idea. There is no place for the superfluous or the approximate in a white paper. The straight to the point technique is the one to adopt. Having the final document reviewed by several people is also strongly recommended.

5 – Want to save money

To save money, some companies choose to write the white paper internally. However, if it has no editor within it, it is an error that can have serious consequences. And, it’s not a real saving. Asking someone who isn’t used to writing to write is a miscalculation. This requires time that will not be invested in another task. The result will not necessarily live up to expectations.

It is often better to use an editorial agency. A reaction team is made up of many specialists who can accompany a company in the development of the reaction plan, the definition of ooobjectti,ves, and persothanhand e writing, without forgetting the distribution of the eBook.

6 – Other mistakes not to make for your white paper

The list of mistakes to avoid is long. The white paper has some specifics. In its construction, there are essentials, in particular the Call to Action (CTA). It absolutely must have a CTA that invites readers to take action. Most of the time, this document also allows you to increase your customer database. It is obtained in exchange for the contact details of the prospect. So, don’t forget the CTA or the form to collect the data.

Another common mistake white paper writers make is using overly technical language. To show that the company is an expert, do not use incomprehensible jargon, but rather opt for an accessible and popular language. Along the same lines, avoid being narcissistic and redundant. Talking about yourself and your services is important, but you also have to mention the world in which the company operates.

The form of the document is almost as important as the content. A graphic designer can do extraordinary work at this level. Again, it’s a worthwhile investment. The white paper should be attractive. Looking at it, one must want to read its content. The document must be in phase with the graphic charter of the organization.

Last but not least, once the white paper is written, do not forget to distribute it. Social networks, the site, and other channels of the organization must be put to use. Creating a landing page to promote it is essential. If you work with a digital communications agency, they can also help you build an effective content strategy that includes distribution. Good writing!

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