January 28, 2023
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Your thesis statement is the glue that holds your essay together, so you should choose a strong one because it makes your academic paper emphatic and meaningful. However, a reader will not understand what you are establishing, disproving, or demonstrating in your article if the thesis statement is flawed. You don’t want to get confused or lost while writing. This post will teach you how to create a strong thesis statement that will serve as a roadmap for writing your essay. Assignmentmavens reviews is one of the best academic writing services in USA.

Step 1. Document Your Main Argument

At this initial stage, it is essential to state what you are trying to communicate in your essay. In other words, you need to clarify your main argument. It is how you should start your thesis statement.

These are the components of your thesis statement:

Topic + Verb (+ Object) 

The topic is the thing, person, or concept you will write about in your essay. Verbs briefly express what you are trying to communicate about your topic. You can quickly sum it up in one word.

For example, “I like reading magazines.”

In the above example, “I” is the subject, “like” is the verb, and “reading magazines” is the object.

Step 2: Ask a Rhetorical Question

Asking questions is a great way to get readers interested in a topic. When people look at a research question, answers based on prior knowledge and experience immediately come to mind. The rhetorical questions need to be distinct, engaging, and thought-provoking. You must be able to formulate a thesis question for it to be helpful. Here are some examples of rhetorical questions.

What kind of impact does the internet have on the education system?

What are the effects of global warming on the environment?

Step 3: Research and Brainstorm Ideas

You need to engage with your initial thesis statement to help it build a solid answer. You never know when you will meet a skeptic who will understand your point. Therefore, to be persuasive, you must offer concrete support and consider possible rebuttals before stating your case. Use this resistance to back up your argument and discover compelling evidence to support your thesis. As a result, you should get all your ideas in writing. Consider doing a Google search for inspiration. For example,

1. The ketogenic diet has many benefits, including weight loss and improved heart and brain health.

2. Significant historical trends are universal and recurring.

3. A general understanding of the financial system is provided through financial education.

Step 4: Include Supporting Evidence

After brainstorming several possible answers, you should create a strong thesis statement with supporting evidence. You need to provide more details and evidence to make your thesis statement more convincing and support your claim. Thus, incorporating evidence into a single, well-supported thesis eliminates any potential for reader hesitation or skepticism. Be sure to give your opinion and point of view as well. For example:

  • Consuming keto-friendly foods reduces the risk of seizures and protects against many deadly diseases.
  • Knowing the past can help individuals understand the laws of causality and predict future patterns.
  • Financially literate children are more aware of financial risks and find it easier to avoid bankruptcy.

Step 5: Develop Your Thesis Statement

Before developing your final thesis statement, remember that it should do more than summarize your point. While preparing the answer, you should consider the clarity of the language, the specificity of the elements in the sentences, and the presence of sub-headings. Remember that condensing these thoughts into one, two, or three phrases will be challenging. However, you don’t need to include everything if you feel it will not add value to the thesis statement. You should add only the most relevant details in the thesis statement.

Furthermore, it’s crucial to understand that it’s not a good idea to pick the points of a thesis statement at random. Before you start writing, study more articles on the topic and get feedback from some competent co-workers or bosses. This way, you will not only develop a greater understanding of the topic but will also include meaningful and relevant details.

The main point about essays is that you start writing as soon as new thoughts and findings occur. You should account for this and ensure that your final thesis statement adequately summarizes the rationale or arguments throughout the document.

Your thesis statement should outline the ideas and provide a clear, well-supported argument conclusion. All the questions you asked in your main body paragraph must be summarized in a thesis statement. This will help keep the narrative strong and the reader’s interest at maximum. 

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Last but not least, be sure to proofread and edit your thesis statement if needed. Also, discuss your work with a teacher or other knowledgeable person on the subject. For more information visit: https://writingservicereviews.com/

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