January 31, 2023

Almost the entire world lives and thrives on Instagram. The number of users using the social media platform has only kept skyrocketing. Businesses and brands have equally contributed to their goals by presenting a solid identity on Instagram. There are more users on the social media platform than others, making it essential for brands to invest in Instagram SEO and SEO services to improve their engagement. 

Whether you’re an influencer or marketing for your brand, Instagram SEO should never go unnoticed in your social media toolkit. However, your company will succeed on Instagram only when it gets more followers, increases reach and improves sales. So without further ado, you must optimize your brand for Instagram, preferably with assistance from professional SEO services

How does Instagram SEO work?

The job of Instagram SEO is straightforward- to improve the content and the brand’s profile to increase the platform’s visibility. Since the algorithm for Instagram keeps changing, it will help retain ranking and increase the chances of your website popping up for relevant searches and hashtags. An appropriate SEO strategy includes vital ranking factors for content and marketing plans. 

With over a billion monthly users on Instagram, search engine optimization is needed for better reach and discovery, or your brand will go unnoticed. The SEO game on Instagram is slightly different from Google SEO, where hashtags can be more important than keywords for discoverability. 

What are the factors that influence Instagram SEO ranking?

Many components make up for Instagram SEO to determine the ranking of a search result on the application. The important factors of the complete equation are:

  1. Relevance to the search query

Instagram will look for the top posts, accounts, and tags that match accurately with a user’s search query. This is one factor that has more prominence than the others on Instagram. If your content is irrelevant, it will not help any user on the application. 

  1. User behavior and activity

Instagram keeps a tab on the search behavior of its users. For example, if it observes that a user is more interested in one kind of post than the others, then content related to that will be prioritized in the search results. In addition, it regularly monitors the user’s past activity to provide relevant and engaging content to them. 

  1. Information related to the search results

There could be a high volume of relevant results for a particular search term, where most companies struggle to rank at the top. This happens because the information of the application is unlimited, and specific topics are bound to have more content than others. Here, the number of likes, comments, shares, and other notable actions influence the ranking of a search result.

Five methods for leveraging Instagram SEO

After knowing how Instagram SEO operates and why it is essential, it is time to learn techniques that can help expand your reach. Here are some ways to leverage Instagram SEO to boost your content and profile visibility. 

  1. Optimize your Instagram profile

The Instagram search feature works similarly to Google, where it provides results that are relevant to the search term. Apart from traffic, your profile should give the best user experience to visitors. Some easy tips for doing so are:

  • Make your profile public
  • Create an easily discoverable username and business name
  • Have a systematic and colorful profile that is on-brand
  • Include links in your bio
  • Keep the content simple and understandable
  • Include primary keywords in your posts and bio
  1. Write captions including your primary keywords

Besides hashtags and location tags, Instagram recommends content to users based on their interactions and interests. To cater to a specific demographic extensively, Instagram connects accounts that are similar to each other by analyzing their keywords. This process can be made simpler if you write descriptive captions, including keywords, so your profile pops up on the Explore page of relevant users. 

  1. Collaborate with creators and other influential people on Instagram

If you are not marking the best use of Instagram Collabs, you are missing out on a great deal of Instagram SEO. An Instagram Collab makes the post visible on both parties’ accounts. This helps increase reach and gain more followers. Your content will most likely go up the rankings on the search page.

  1. Establish authority in the niche you cater to

Instagram SEO emphasizes popularity signals when ranking content for search. As a result, accounts that have contributed to a niche have seen a rise in the engagement rate of their posts. Once you establish authority, more users will come to you for information and increase your rankings in search results. 

  1. Track metrics using analytics

Most results take time, but with the right analytical tools, you can control and predict the desired results. Any Instagram SEO strategy can’t be 100% successful, but analysis can help you prepare a better one for the next time. You can foresee the performance of your posts and the success rate of your upcoming campaigns. 


SEO isn’t limited to website optimization but has a significant role in social media, especially for Instagram SEO. These are the five most practical ways to get your content and profile noticed by the right set of audiences. Use SEO services to upgrade your presence on Instagram while boosting visibility and pleasing the users

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