February 1, 2023
MBBS in China

MBBS in China

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Shihezi University in China

Shihezi University, which is located in Xinjiang, China, was designated by the Central Government as an important university in 2000. Shihezi University was one of the top universities built as part of the 211 projects as of December 31st, 2008, and is located in the Xinjiang Uygar Autonomous Region. Additionally, the university is a recognized worldwide medical institution by the MCI and WHO (World Health Organization) (Medical Council of India). According to overseas education consultants, The Chinese Ministry of Education has approved teaching the MBBS medical programme in English to overseas students.

About Shihezi University

Shihezi University has grown into a vibrant institution of higher learning with a curriculum focused on the global community. The University now has 20 colleges and more than 30,032 students enrolled in them, including 21,989 undergraduates and 1,906 postgraduates. Agriculture, medicine, engineering, economics and trade management, literature and the arts, science, education, law, and history are among the 10 specializations offered by Shihezi University like MBBS in China. The colleges provide 66 Bachelor’s Degree Programs, 52 Master’s Degree Programs, and 4 Doctorate Degree Programs. 1,527 full-time instructors, 152 professors, and 450 associate professors make up the university personnel.


East Asian nation China is really famous and students choose to study MBBS in China for so many reasons. It is a well-known destination for higher education and for many MBBS applicants who desire to study the profession abroad.

China’s MBBS programme is well-known worldwide. The Medical Council of India has recognized numerous prestigious government medical universities like Shihezi University in China (MCI approved). The 6-year MBBS programme is inexpensively offered by these medical colleges under Shihezi University. And the courses offered by this university is extremely trending choice like getting a degree in MBBS in China for Indian Students. Both domestic and foreign students can receive a top-notch education there in English.

Why MBBS at Shihezi University in China?

Since several major medical universities that provide MBBS in Asia are actually ranked among the most prestigious medical schools in the world, MBBS at Shihezi University in China is well-liked by Indian medical aspirants, and also, this university rank at 1. The students can then practice medicine wherever after completing their MBBS at Shihezi University in China as a result of this.

What are the Courses Offered by Chinese Medical Universities?

  1. MBBS/ MD – 5+1 Years
  2. Dentistry – 5 Years
  3. Pharmacy – 4 Years
  4. Nursing  – 4 Years

Duration of Studying MBBS Course from Shihezi University

For your convenience, the 6 years of the MBBS China programme are broken down into the following points: 5 years is the whole academic period.

a one-year internship in a reputable hospital that is connected to a specific university. (Some universities give internships for three years.)

You receive the appropriate amount of exposure during your five fruitful years of academic study for your MBBS abroad at Shihezi University in China.

Medium of Teaching While Studying MBBS at Shihezi University

English is used as the main language in every medical college under Shihezi University in China. And also that has received certification from the WHO and NMC because:

Since English is a universal language, it makes it easier for students and lecturers to connect and communicate.

Intake of MBBS in China for Study Shihezi University

After the entrance tests, the admissions process for Shihezi University in China typically begins.

The first week of September is when classes for MBBS programmes at Shihezi University in China begin.

Due to the large number of applicants from throughout the world, there are few seats available for studying MBBS in China at this university (Shihezi University).

The seating arrangement is first come, first served.

After the entrance exam, most students decide their course of study. To get into one of China’s Shihezi University, it is best to apply in the middle of July or August.

Wrapping Up!

We advise you to visit the Jagvimal.com website to learn more about the list of Chinese universities that they have approved. Your inquiries are always welcome in their official chat support.

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