January 30, 2023
AMH Test
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Centricity EHR software is flexible, user-friendly, and easy-to-use. A community is also available online that allows users to share their knowledge and collaborate with other healthcare professionals.

Virence Health

Centricity is a high quality EMR system you may consider if your are in search of one.

Centricity’s most distinctive characteristic is the Virence trademark. It allows for customized workflows and collaboration tools. It provides excellent connectivity to improve patient care.

GE Healthcare

The OnBase Window is part GE Healthcare EMR Solutions. The OnBase Window is part of GE Healthcare EMR solutions.

GE Centricity

Cloud-based GE Centricity ERP Software will bring many benefits to healthcare providers.

The GE Centericity Electronic Medical Record is an electronic medical record (EMR) that combines advanced features and practice management and revenue-cycle solutions to simplify workflows. The Centricity EMR is used by over 35,000 healthcare professionals. GE Healthcare has more than 30 years of experience.


BillingParadise is a leader in integrated revenue cycle management (RCM), in today’s medical billing industry. Learn more about the features and benefits of BillingParadise.

Centricity EMR software offers many features, including e-prescribing and a patient portal.

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A/R Accelerator

Your A/R cycle will be improved by Centricity’s EHR software. Your A/R cycle will be improved by the Centricity EHR software.

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