January 31, 2023
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Celerity EMR software comes with a variety of features and benefits, including an intuitive ChartView interface, pre-installed billing rules, and a patient portal. The company also boasts 5000 active users across 30 states. The system also offers features such as customizable intake tools and e-prescribing. This cloud-based EMR is easy to use and can improve your communication between staff and patients.

CAM by Celerity – A cloud-based EMR

CAM by Celerity is an electronic medical record software solution that is specifically designed for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment providers. This software solution has been designed for ease of use and is cloud-based, which means you don’t have to install extra hardware or staff to use it. In addition, CAM by Celerity also comes with a fully integrated billing module. The company’s mission is to provide treatment providers with intuitive tools and user-friendly EMR software, resulting in better outcomes for their patients.

The company offers a range of features, including e-prescribing, which allows physicians to send prescriptions to preferred pharmacies for faster pickup. Another feature, called patient portal, helps practitioners communicate with patients and quickly deliver test results to patients. It also integrates with other systems, including EHR and practice management systems.

Celerity’s CAM EHR software is highly customizable. It allows users to add their own signatures, customise forms, and automatically create progress notes and summaries. It also allows users to customize service rules and control limitations. CAM also provides account receivable management, electronic patient statements, and customizable reporting.

Celerity’s CAM is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) solution that is designed for behavioral health and chemical dependency treatment providers. CAM’s customizable intake and assessment templates allow users to capture all aspects of patient care in one place. Users can also configure forms to accommodate older record formats and integrate with Financial and Administrative software. The software comes with 24/7 customer support, integrated billing and compliance tools, and is available on a subscription basis.

Celerity CAM is an affordable, cloud-based electronic medical record software designed for mental health and substance abuse treatment centers. With its many features and customizable forms, CAM offers a great solution for organizations with multiple locations and limited IT resources. CAM is designed with convenience and functionality in mind, and you’ll be glad you chose it for your practice.

It Has Pre-installed Rules

The Celerity EMR Software is a comprehensive electronic medical record (EMR) system for physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. It offers an intuitive ChartView interface and is compatible with multiple health systems. It also has pre-installed rules for billing, intake, and other processes, making it easy to manage patient records. The EMR also has a patient portal and e-prescribing capabilities that help healthcare professionals communicate and track their patients’ data.

Celerity EMR Software also features CAM (continuum of care), a cloud-based behavioral health management system with a streamlined process for scheduling, billing, and payment. It is designed to be user-friendly for behavioral health and chemical dependency providers and is perfect for practices with limited IT resources. Celerity’s CAM software also has multiple clinical features, such as customizable intake and assessment templates. It also offers a scheduling tool and the ability to configure forms to match older record formats.

Celerity EMR Software has pre-loaded rules to help you comply with CAPRA rules and ensure the confidentiality of patient data. Can handle both paper and electronic medical records, and has features to accommodate older record formats. Also integrates with other administrative and financial software for seamless billing and scheduling. It also offers 24-hour customer support. The Celerity EMR Software can be purchased for $55 per month with unlimited users.

The Celerity EMR Software also eliminates the need for double-entry information. It also allows for psychosocial updates and treatment plans. It integrates with discharge summaries, planning sections, and billing validations. The system also includes color-coded daily schedules for ease of reference.

It Has Integrations

Celerity EMR Software is a cloud-based EMR solution that combines billing, scheduling, and treatment into one system. It offers a user-friendly interface and customizable reports. It is currently used by more than 150 healthcare facilities in more than 30 states. Its integrations with other business software such as Practice Management and Financial Management streamline billing and treatment. It also offers 24-hour customer support and unlimited reports.

Celerity’s CAM solution includes core electronic health records management services such as secure data transfer, password protection, and person authentication. It also has customizable rules for billing and controls over limitations on certain services. The software also includes features such as accounts receivable management, appointment scheduling, electronic patient statements, and customizable reporting.

Celerity is a United States-based company that has partnered with a variety of companies. Their CAM software is an excellent solution for medical practices, and it is also useful for addiction and mental health treatment facilities. Its cloud hosting platform eliminates the need to purchase hardware and reduces IT expenses.

Celerity EMR Software has many features to meet the needs of behavioral health practices. Celerity’s CAM solution has an easy-to-use interface and a fully integrated billing module. Celerity’s goal is to offer behavioral health practices with intuitive tools that result in better outcomes for clients.

It Costs $55 Per user/month

Celerity EMR Software is a cloud-based EMR that helps providers manage patient scheduling, billing, and payments. It includes a variety of billing and scheduling modules, as well as industry-leading features like unlimited custom reports. This system is a great choice for practices that don’t have a large IT budget or multiple locations.

Celerity EMR has a user-friendly ChartView interface, which enables practitioners to quickly input and edit patient information. It can also integrate with other systems, such as EHRs. The software also has many client companies and 5000 active users in 30 states. The Celerity EMR also comes with pre-installed billing rules and a patient portal, making it easy to communicate with patients.

Celerity EMR is an electronic medical record system that helps behavioral health providers streamline their processes. Has flexible deployment options and affordable pricing. Handle both electronic and paper-based medical records. It helps save staff time and improve patient satisfaction. This makes it the perfect choice for behavioral health providers looking to improve their systems.

Celerity EMR is designed specifically for behavioral health care and chemical dependency treatment providers. It includes clinical features to streamline scheduling, billing, and treatment. Additionally, it integrates with Financial and Administrative software to streamline financial and administrative functions. It also has customer support and a 24/7 helpline. With Celerity EMR, you get unlimited access to its powerful features, including unlimited reports and patient-specific information.

It Has Some Drawbacks

Celerity EMR Software is a web-based EHR that allows service providers to easily create, store, and access patient records. It features comprehensive functionality that helps service providers meet compliance requirements and provide quality care to patients. Celerity also offers customer support that is friendly and responsive.

Celerity EMR Software is not without drawbacks. For one thing, its costs are rather steep – starting at $55 per user per month. In addition to its price, users also need to consider the implementation cost, which can include the costs for data migration and training. Additionally, some providers have reported a high amount of data migration, which adds to the overall cost. Overall, Celerity EMR Software has some drawbacks, but the benefits outweigh the cons.

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