January 26, 2023
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Have you been dreaming about prom for more than a few months now? Have you asked out your girlfriend yet? And the most important question of all – have you decided what to wear to prom?

Prom outfit is just as important for men, as it is for women. You cannot just wear anything to prom – that’s just silly. The pressure that comes along with prom preps for men is definitely something that women can never understand. They have to look graceful, manly and subtle – that’s a tough blend. 

Prom’s are meant to be fantasizing, mesmerizing and romantic. With all the spark between a man and a woman, happening in a well-lit place, with music and good food, prom has its own charm. And amongst all this magic, your prom outfit stands out.

Picking out a prom outfit can be exhausting, but be patient, because the end result will be amazing! Prom calls out for a formal manly look, thus, suits, tuxedos, blazers and coats are what you need to go through. To explore a wide range of prom outfits, you can always visit Star Wars Andor Outfits. This online clothing brand has everything that you would have dreamt about.

In this detailed guide, we will be listing some great tips for choosing the right prom outfit, along with some really subtle and elegant prom outfits. So, let’s begin.

How to choose the right prom outfit?

To choose the right prom outfit, consider:

  1. Checking the prom’s dress code

Before picking out your prom outfit, check the dress code for prom night. You wouldn’t want to be the odd one out, would you? Most of the schools go along with formal or semi-formal dress codes, but some can opt for smart casual as well.

Formal dress code calls out for a three-piece suit or a tuxedo. You can accessorize your suit with a tie, bow tie, pocket squares, cufflinks, etc. For a semi-formal dress code, you can go with a jacket or a coat, paired up with a formal shirt and pants. And for smart casual dress code, khaki pants or jeans, can easily go along with a suit jacket or a sport coat.

  1. Matching with your partner

As you and your partner are going to walk down the red carpet together, it’s better to mix and match. You can color coordinate with your girlfriend. For instance, if you are going with a classic black tuxedo, and your partner is wearing a red maxi dress; you can consider wearing a red pocket square, vest or a tie.

  1. Focusing on the theme

See if there’s a theme to the prom. It would be quite a hoot to dress according to the theme. Some themes can be OId Hollywood, Fairytale, etc. You can consider dressing up from a certain period, maybe 70s or the 80s, and look super cool for the night.

What to wear to prom?

Now that you’ve considered the above-mentioned criteria, it’s time to pick out your outfit for PROM! You can choose from:

  1. Three-piece Prom Suit

Prom suits are ideal to wear for prom, as they are decent, smart and elegant. A prom suit is usually a three-piece, including a blazer, pants and a vest. You can leave out the vest if you want, but if you are looking for a masculine and classy look, then don’t skip it. Prom suits are available in different fits, that are tailored, skinny or slim. 

A tailored prom suit has a loose fitting, and offers you comfort along with style to have the best time of the night. If you are tall or big, then this is the right choice to go with. Next, slim fitted suits feature narrow fitting around the shoulders, chest and waist. They offer a sharp and modern look. So, if you have a regular build, then go for a slim fitted prom suit. Lastly, the skinny fitted suits have the tightest fitting, with a short jacket and tapered trousers. It is just perfect for men with slim build. 

  1. Tuxedo

Tuxedos are the signature formal wear for men. For black tie events, tuxedos are the right choice to go with. A tuxedo instantly brings up the image of a celebrity walking down the red carpet, doesn’t it? A tuxedo comprises a blazer with silk lapel collar and well-fitting. You can wear up a light colored shirt underneath the blazer and accessorize your outfit with a bow tie. 

  1. Blazer Outfit

For prom night where the dress code is smart casual, you can pair up a good blazer with a jean or pants, and carry the look that’ll make you look subtle yet casual as well. Blazers are considered casual wear, but with the right clothing and accessories, you can make it work as a prom outfit as well.


Prom night is definitely something magical for teenagers. And we know how hard it could be to choose the right prom outfit. We believe that you must’ve found this detailed guide quite helpful in picking out the right outfit for prom. So, dress up well, wear your favorite fragrance and hold your partner’s hand with love for the biggest night of school. Let the rest see how gorgeous you two look together – you wearing the finest tuxedo/prom suit and she wearing the graceful flaunting dress. Live it to your fullest!

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