January 29, 2023
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WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for bloggers worldwide. It is a free platform that allows bloggers of every kind to create and publish their blogs and gain recognition for the same. It offers every user several intuitive and valuable features, which, however, may get tricky for them to work with.  

Whether working on your food blog or in escape room , it will not harm you to have a few tips and tricks up your sleeves. This article has compiled ten good and best WordPress hacks to boost your efficiency and authority in the markets this year. So, check it out: 

A unique touch to your website 

The foremost thing to start with is to give your website a unique and new look. For this, you can modify or change the layout, style, fonts, colors, and even the typography of your website. Creating a brand-new template for your WordPress blog can help you efficiently grab the attention of new users! 

Duplicating your posts 

You may have a particular template or format structure you wish to stick to while publishing your new blog posts. To make it easy to maintain the same format or design, you can simply use a plugin called “Duplicate Post” to seamlessly duplicate your structure! 

Image optimization 

Images often take a lot of time to load and may make your website fall behind. It may even create a wrong impression in the minds of your viewers. You can work on optimizing your images for WordPress to ensure that they take less time to load. You can choose from the many plugins available today that will help automatically compress your images. 

Changing your heading style 

All you have to do is place your cursor on the heading formatting your wish to change and press either the shift key + ALT+ heading number or OPT + CONTROL + bearing number (for Mac users). With this curious hack, you can easily swap your heading style more smoothly than ever! 

Duotone filter 

With the help of the Duotone filter, you can now easily change the colors of the image which do not match your brand persona. Now, every picture will effectively reflect the glowing persona of your brand! It allows you to change the image color and blend any two colors of your choice. 

Stylizing your text 

Stylizing your texts on WordPress has probably never been so easy! You can use Markdown as a helpful tool to quickly stylize your texts. You can make new heading styles by putting “##” at the start of your headings and approving it at the end by pressing enter. You can also create block quotes in the same manner. Markdown also enables users to create bullet or numbered lists efficiently on WordPress. 

Adding live links with a shortcut 

Selecting the task you want to link and clicking on “Insert Link” may seem tedious. So instead, you can now efficiently insert live links in the following way: 

  • Copy the necessary URL to your clipboard  
  • Highlight the text you wish to link it to 
  • Press Ctrl + V key 

Automate your posts on social media 

Social media marketing has now become a vital factor in the growth and popularity of websites. It is highly effective in driving more organic traffic to your website. Given that you may not always have the time to share your WordPress blogs separately on your social media, you can now easily automate your posts! You can take the help of useful plugins available in the market to integrate your blogs on WordPress into your social media account. 

Comment moderation using keyboard shortcuts 

While there are several keyboard shortcuts that you may rely on every day, did you know that you also have shortcuts to moderate your comments? You can activate it easily by following the steps below: 

  • Go to the WP Admin section 
  • Click on Users and then on Your Profile 
  • Now check the “Keyboard Shortcuts” checkbox  

Now you can select any comment you wish to moderate and use your keyboard shortcuts! 

Adjusting your default editor toolbar 

WordPress offers users only a handful of options in their toolbar by default. But now, you can use a simple plugin, Advanced Editor Tools, to expand it evermore! You can now easily add quotes, code blocks, or even tables!  

These are the ten best WordPress hacks to help you enhance your WordPress blog efficiently this year! So, are you ready to usher in new changes on your blog

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