January 28, 2023
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Your team of employees can never work well together if they fail to possess the necessary team-building skills. It does not matter whether you have employees working in your office or from their homes; team building is an essential binding factor that will help bring together your team! Only when your employees learn to work together with each other can they give their best efforts to the game. 

Taking your employees to enjoy an exciting escape room adventure at the Basement escape room can be a great way to teach team spirit! Over the years, several unique and immersive forms of team-building activities have emerged that can help your employees possess team-building qualities. In this article, let us look at ten online insanely fun team-building activities that are especially great for corporate teams! 

  1. Playing a virtual escape room game. 

A virtual escape room game is an exciting way to teach team spirit to your students. During the game, as your students work under pressure to solve all the riddles in time, they will unconsciously learn to work as a team! Several well-known escape room ventures have started offering players unique and engaging virtual escape games. So, choose one and let your employees build and nurture a strong bond amongst themselves!  

  1. Team building bingo  
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A team-building bingo is one of the best ways to break the ice amongst your workers. You can share a bingo card with your employees and ask them to join a virtual session. Let your employees have fun as they strike off the things they have done on their bingo cards and even share each other’s results at the end! 

  1. Ice breaker questions  

You can use an online dice roller or a lucky draw wheel to pick whose turn it is, and with that, start an ice breaker session virtually with your employees. It will facilitate your students to know each other well and discover their shared interests. However, to enjoy this team-building activity with your employees, you must prepare a few icebreaker questions and keep them ready before you begin the session! 

  1. Two truths and a lie 
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Two truths and a lie are a classic party game that can also serve your purpose of inculcating team-building qualities in your team while still being fun! For this activity, you need to ask each of your employees to tell three facts about themselves, of which two are truths while one is a lie. Now, it is the task of the other members to try and take guesses to find out which one of the three facts is a lie.  

  1. Tiny virtual campfire 

Who said you could not experience camping while remaining in video conferences? For this tiny campfire session, you need to ask all your employees to keep a few candles ready and tell them to join in a video conference. Once everyone joins in, let your camping begin, with your members pouring in their share of ghost stories, icebreakers, and whatnot! Watch how your employees warm up to each other slowly with time as the campfire goes on.  

  1. Photo of your life 

For this interesting team-building game, each of your employees needs to look for or click an image on their phones that practically sums up their entire life. The picture can be about anything, from a location, landmark, or even objects or people. Let your employees go rampant as they search for the perfect photo to summarize their life’s journey so far! It will allow your team to share their personal lives and get to know each other well.  

  1. Once upon a time 
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For this fun team-building activity, you must assemble your employees in a video conference. Ask one of your employees to randomly start narrating a story and tell them to stop in mid-sentence after one or two lines. Then let the next person take up and continue narrating the story. In this way, allow each of your team members to take up the incomplete sentence of the previous person and let the story go on! Not only will this game boost your team’s collaborative potential, but it will also level up their listening skills.  

  1. Virtual scavenger hunt  
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For this fun team-building activity, provide your team with a list of items they need to find in and around their house. You can add quirky details like color or shape to the objects you wish to discover. After their time rises, have them join a video conference and share their treasury. See how your employees make a few judgment calls at each other’s treasures! Some may even question whether some somewhat questionable items fit the list! 

  1. Time Traveler 

Start by gathering your entire team in an online video conference. Then ask each of your team members to take a turn and describe a particular historical period of their choice that they would love to visit. Let their imagination run wild as they ransack their brains to narrate even the most minor details of the designated period. You can even award bonus points to those who agree to act out their chosen character for the time-traveling experience!  

  1. Show and Tell 

This fun team-building activity will help your team of employees to get familiarized with each other. Ask each of them to show something they love to the rest of the group. It can be almost anything their choice – from a book, award, pet, or something wholly out-of-the-box! Give each of your employees a minute in their hand to show and talk about their favorite thing and reveal to the others what makes it so unique to them.   

Team building is an essential quality for your team of employees to boost their productivity and efficiency of work. When your employees learn to work coherently and listen to each other’s difficulties, your business can succeed in full bloom! So, check out these ten immersive team-building activities for your employees and bring them together like a tight-knit family

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