January 29, 2023

The process of signing new business contract

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In 2016, there were 34,703 lawsuits filed in Perth, Australia. Of those, 48 proceeded to a trial before a jury. Regardless of your state of residence, these statistics hold true for the vast majority of cases: parties will frequently head down the litigation path only to find that the process of litigation assisted them in reaching an agreeable resolution.

However, not all disputes are destined for a friendly resolution, and, sometimes, putting the facts and legal arguments before a jury of our peers, esteemed members of the judiciary, or mutually selected arbitrator(s) is the only way to resolve a disagreement.

Having experienced litigation counsel that understands when to approach a problem aggressively and when to proceed toward the path of reconciliation and negotiation sooner than later is critical not only in terms of a potential recovery but also in terms of reducing costs.

Many law firms approach commercial litigation lawyer in the same manner that they approach drafting agreements: if they’ve used the same document in the past, they’ll use it again in what they consider to be the same situation in the future.

Thus, if they’ve litigated a contract dispute before, they’ll most likely use the same approach repeatedly. There are some cost and experience benefits obtained from using the same approach in litigation on a particular type of claim repeatedly, but it is not always beneficial. Moreover, it is not necessarily the familiarity with a concept that leads to success in the arena of lawsuits, but the willingness to work hard to accomplish the client’s goals and the ability to think “outside the box”.

While we won’t seek to reinvent the wheel, our firm prides itself on the use of creative litigation strategies blended with cost-cutting measures. We believe in identifying and addressing our clients’ AND opponents’ weaknesses early in representation so that our clients improve their chances of recovery and the parties can better understand their relative positions. Our multi-faceted approach doesn’t rely on a “cookie cutter” methodology but employs a combination of hard-hitting research, investigation when necessary, and keenly posited legal arguments.

The principals of the firm have significant experience in the defense and prosecution of various types of claims ranging from the defense of toxic torts to the enforcement of contract terms. We routinely litigate business disputes.
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