January 28, 2023

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The Europass CV maker is an effort made by the European Union to combat the ongoing global unemployment problem. This free-to-use resume builder allows users to create a CV that passes muster in all European offices. So, if you’re in a pinch and need to create a CV pronto the Europass CV maker is a great option for you.

In this article, we will be going over what you need to take care of when making a Europass Cv. A Europass CV is a great option for users globally as the Europass Portal discriminates against non-Europeans. That being said the Europass Resume Builder still has to follow the universal rule of resume making. 

  1. Captivate your audience

Much like all resume builders the Europass CV maker still requires information or content to make your resume. Some, resume builders offer pre-written texts that help users to fill in their CVs quicker but users must keep in mind that just because a CV is made quickly doesn’t mean that it’s the optimal option to do so. 

When filling out the contents of your CV make sure to keep the information in it relevant to the industry of the job you’re applying for. Your Highschool diploma and the fact that you were on the lacrosse team captain don’t matter here. 

Research the company and the job position you are going for and make your resume in a way that elaborates why you are the best fit for it.

  1. Clarity is key

Be clear and concise in your pursuit don’t waste time and effort elaborating on unnecessary information. Get to the point straight, use simple and short sentences and avoid using cliches. Use numbers and statistics to show the impact you’ve had so far in your career thus adding value to your CV and yourself

  1. Target your CV

It is a known fact in resume making that a one size fits all CV is not the optimum way to look for a job. Fortunately, the Europass Resume Builder gives you the option to add more than one CV to your portfolio. 

Targeted CVs cater are made with a specific job position in mind and contain information relevant to only that position. It is also common practice to apply for more than one job at a time to increase an applicant’s chances of being hired. So, given the fact that for optimal results applicants need to create multiple targeted CVs for optimal results the Europass resume builder is a great option as it takes the need for formatting and other technicalities out of the question.

  1. CV Templates

CV templates are simple skeleton CVs that have all the right components built into them but lack any content or information, which the user has to fill in themselves. The Europass Resume Builder does offer its users a limited resource of CV Templates which despite their flaws are accepted throughout Europe. 

The Europass CV Templates may be lacking in style and finesse but they do get the job done. So, when making your Europass CV there’s hardly a chance that you can go wrong using the Europass’ CV Templates.

  1. Proofread

Here’s a truth that all resume writers and career experts will tell you, Whether you’re making a CV from scratch, using CV Templates, or a Resume Builder, no one gets it right the first time. The same can be said when using the Europass CV Maker.

After you’re done making your CV sure to recheck it for grammatical and syntactical errors. Try and look for opportunities to add further value to your resume. Make sure to be objective in your assessment, ask yourself, “If I were an employer would I be interested in reading through this document if it were to come across my desk?”  and don’t stop improving your cv until you can truthfully answer Yes.

Another way to proofread is to ask a friend or family member to go through your CV and make and to point out any flaws and taking their criticisms into account make adjustments accordingly.

So, there you have it, you know exactly what to watch out for when making a CV using the Europass CV Maker. As you can see the Europass CV Maker even though might be a European Union endeavor, is still not above the rules of general CV making. Although lacking in some aspects and thus giving its users a sub-optimal product the Europass CV maker doesn’t force its users to use their own service to use as their Europass CV. If you have an already existing document in PDF form you can upload that into your Europass portfolio and use it as your Europass CV.

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