February 6, 2023
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As we all know the UK is facing a scarcity of HGV drivers. More people are retiring from their job than joining. Whatever the reason for this is, the government decided to build up some schemes so that more citizens of the UK get interested in the job field.

To create more hype, the government also increased the salary of existing HGV drivers. Some people wanted to work as an HGV driver, but because of their financial conditions, they were not able to take proper training and were not able to qualify for the test.

Today, we will discuss the schemes launched by the government and how you can become an HGV driver for free.

But before this, have you ever thought of becoming an HGV driver? If yes, then it is time to fulfil your dream and get your desired job.

Let’s see how!

Before going further for training, you must have your driver’s certificate of professional competence. You will have to clear a few tests for this. The training for this is different from HGV driver training.

The government has announced some schemes where the driver can either get training for free or get relief in some portions.


Skill Bootcamps

It is a 16-week course in England and is completely free of cost. You can join the training if you are new in the field or rejoin after some time.

Also, if you want to upgrade your licence, you can be a part of these skill boot camps. For instance, you already have a CAT C1 licence and want to upgrade it to a C1 licence. In such cases, you can join these camps.

Guidelines to apply

You need to have a full car driving licence (category B) plus need to be 19 years old or more. The provider of skill boot camps can also have their additional criteria. These are the basic ones. You can apply for these skill boot camps from training providers. To check the list of skill boot camp providers, visit the UK’s government site.

The cost of skill bootcamps

These skill boot camps are free of cost. It includes all the costs related to provisional licence (including medical examination), the four tests for obtaining a Driver’s CPC (Certificate of professional competence) and re-sits for the test. These costs are not covered under skill boot camps.


In this scheme, you can do your practical training with your study. There are numerous options for apprenticeships for HGV’s (heavy goods vehicle) training in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales and England.

Do you live in England, and want to do an apprenticeship there? You have made the right choice because if you do it here, you can start driving an HGV before passing all four tests of Driver CPC.

Guidelines to apply

You cannot do full-time education if you want to be a part of this scheme. 18 years is a mandatory age, and you can only apply in the country you are living in. Depending on the apprenticeship, it might require different skills and qualifications. For instance, you can also need a full driving car (Category B) licence.

The cost of Apprenticeships

It is interesting. You don’t need to pay anything for apprenticeships. Instead, you will get a salary for training. The other costs involved, and the payment you will get depend on the training centre.

Vocational qualifications

You can only opt for this scheme to become an HGV driver if live in England. With this scheme, you can get some help with your qualifications. There are five options available in vocational qualifications, and you can choose any. To know more about these options, visit the site of the Government of the UK.

As you know, you need to take all four parts of Driver’s CPC to qualify as an HGV driver. But if you choose a part of vocational Qualification, you can start driving before you pass all four parts of Driver’s CPC.

Guidelines to apply

Each option has its guideline. You can ask your course provider about the eligibility and everything.

The cost of Vocational Qualifications

It entirely depends on your course provider. Everyone charges differently. Have you started your course between 1st August 2021 and 31st July 2022? Your course provider may cover the costs of getting your provisional licence (including the medical) and all four tests of Driver CPC.

So these are the schemes offered by the government. We hope that your question ‘how to become an HGV driver for free’ is answered in the best way. If you want to join, the government welcomes you wholeheartedly. Start your career as an HGV driver now!

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