February 2, 2023
ICO marketing

ICO marketing

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Indeed Bitcoin has been the stepping stone behind the rise of the crypto industry, but other than this famous crypto coin, there has been an inevitable rise in ICO marketing also. There are many ICO marketing firms you can search for. But Agio Support Solutions Pvt Ltd. is the best ICO marketing company in Noida you can look for. Going by the current statistics, in two years ago from now, more than $3.3 billion is known to have been raised. 

Noticing the current trends, each year, there have been improvements in the performance of ICO. However, it is also a bitter truth that only some coins have been successful in gaining value over time, whereas, others do not have the same fate. According to a technical university in Munich, Germany in its ICO market report it has stated that in July 2020, around 65% of tokens have lost their value. 

This brings the need to know the strategies of ICO marketing that would help in the successful promotion of your ICO. In the end, it remains the lucrative field, where the best one comes out winner, akin to fields like business and investment. Before we flock on to know the tricks of successful promotion of ICO, let us have a brief overview about:

ICO marketing: what is it?

Before understanding the basic concept of ICO marketing, it is important to know what is an ICO. An ICO is a short form of Initial Coin Offering. It can be defined as a procedure to raise funds for a newly launched crypto project without any control of any supervisory authority or law. This process involves selling a part of cryptocurrency to the initial investors in return for Bitcoin or legal tender. There is no big difference with IPO (Initial Public Offerings) where shares of the company are purchased by investors. 

Now coming to what is ICO marketing, then it can be understood as a strategy to promote an ICO on behalf of a crypto firm that holds the initial coin offering intending to escalate its limit in grabbing more investor traffic and adding more leads to the sale event. The remarkable uprise of the new digital form of money or cryptocurrency) has resulted in excess competition in the market. The main factor behind the speedy rise of this new venture (ICO) is the evolution of new cryptos. 

In 2017, there has been a collection of $5.6 billion from different ICO projects which became a breakthrough phase in the crypto world. This massive amount was raised from more than 400 crypto ventures. Despite achieving this huge target success, still, there are many ICOs that have not been successful with only 48% of the ICOs in 2017 made to reach their soft cap. At present, there are around 1500 cryptocurrencies, and the figure is going to increase with the emergence of more new entrants. This has resulted in more tough competition posing a tedious challenge to new cryptos in achieving their soft copy. To make crypto reach a big success brings the need for an effective strategy for ICO marketing for promoting an ICO and making it successful in reaching its target market. 

4 key tips to help in promoting ICO

Creating an appealing website

Creating an appealing website can be of big help in the foundation for one’s ICO marketing strategy. This will create a positive impression on the audience that you want to target. So before launching an initial coin offering, you need to be sure with your website has all that is required. Come up with the layout plan first. Do not make it too complex for the visitors in getting information, or else, they will lose interest soon. And this is not good for your ICO marketing. Make it simple with all the necessary information. 

Airdrop campaigns

Airdrop campaigns come as another important tip to help in promoting ICO. You will hardly find anyone who won’t love getting something for free. Tokens are one such example. By airdrop campaigns we mean the involvement of users becoming aware of your cryptocurrency. With that, you can easily spread awareness of your newly-launched ICO.

Social media

Social media platforms are best for promoting your ICO project and in turn you create trust among the community to potential investors. The top social media platforms to refer to include LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, Telegram, and Quora channels. 

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the backbone of your ICO marketing. Hence, it must be included in your priority list. At present, placing high on search results helps build up trust and reputation. This is as equivalent to any PR strategy. 

Tips to make your ICO project a success

Knowing your target audience

Understanding your target audience is very important in picking the right ICO marketing campaign. 

Seeking help from an ICO expert

The next is taking help from an experienced ICO advisor. He will certainly prove helpful in promoting your ICO marketing. 

Must have clarity in what you are offering

Having transparency in what you are offering is a must. Applying this strategy helps in building trust among the buyers leading to rising in the funds collected during the time of early offering. 

An interesting story

Telling an interesting story about your ICO is also one of the key strategies for your ICO success. It won’t take much time for potential customers to turn into your supporters. This indeed will prove the success of your ICO.

Final words

So these are some of the strategies that you need to apply for the success of your ICO marketing. Following these tricks, it raises the chances of your ICO project becoming a huge success. Other than being a top ICO marketing company, Agio also fares well in being the ICO software development company in Noida. 

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