February 2, 2023
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If you’re a mental health provider looking for a new EMR, you may want to look into Valant EMR. Developed specifically for the behavioral health industry, Valant helps practices streamline their processes and improve patient care. It is used by a variety of behavioral health clinics, agencies, and professionals. The software is compatible with EPCS and can be easily tailored to suit the needs of practices of all sizes.

Behavioral Health Practices

Valant EMR software provides a comprehensive solution for behavioral health practices. The program is user-friendly and highly customizable. It supports collaborative treatment plans and allows mental health professionals to request lab tests directly from their clinical notes. The company, which was founded in 2005, has over 200 employees and aims to provide superior customer service. It also offers transcription capabilities, which makes it easier for mental health practitioners to write notes and report patient progress.

The features of Valant EHR software help behavioral health practices increase efficiency and revenue. It features a web-based solution that streamlines workflow across the practice, from patient intake to billing. It also has advanced features to manage telehealth and automate processes, such as electronic remittance advice and billing.

Behavioral health practices can utilize a variety of features provided by Valant, including the ability to check patients in and out via a single click. Another useful feature is the ability to send intake documents and initial assessments to patients at home. Another feature that makes patient management easier is the ability to view a patient’s calendar by day or week. It also includes a color-coded calendar so that clinicians can view appointments. Despite its functionality, one downside is the fact that this software is one-way only, meaning that they must log in to make changes.

Behavioral health practices have unique requirements for their EHR. They may require advanced screening tools and require a higher level of care coordination. Behavioral health practices are also more sensitive to cybersecurity risks, and thus require EHRs with multiple layers of security.


Valant’s software allows clinicians to assign questionnaires, rating scales, and outcome measures to clients. This eliminates the need for manual data review and summarization. In addition, Valant’s documentation features allow clinicians to customize notes according to their own preferences and billing requirements.

Valant’s robust documentation suite includes structured documentation templates, a built-in web editor, and Word templates. It also allows you to create custom macros. Its flexibility makes clinical documentation a breeze. In addition, Valant makes it easy to keep track of notes from phone calls, patient progress notes, and intake notes.

Valant EHR also has built-in outcome measures and automatic score tracking, which enables you to negotiate higher reimbursement rates. The software also helps you deliver data-driven treatment that improves patient care. In addition, it also includes billing and scheduling features and ePrescribing.

Valant EHR is an excellent EMR software system for behavioral health practices. It provides many features to streamline your practice’s workflow, such as checking patients in and out of the clinic, sending intake documents, and sending initial assessments. In addition, it has a calendar interface that lets you view appointments day-by-day, week-by-week, and by the provider. However, the calendar syncs one way only, so if you want to make changes, you’ll have to log in and make them in Valant.

Valant’s Mobile Notes feature allows clinicians to take notes on the go using their smartphones or tablets. In addition, Valant has dozens of templates for notes, including clinical sections that are specific to behavioral health. This makes it easy for clinicians to document sessions without losing focus.


Scheduling with Valant EMR software provides the flexibility and time-saving features required to run a successful practice. Valant’s scheduling module helps you create the right calendar for multiple types of appointments, including new patient appointments, follow-ups, and notes. You can also create custom blocks to block off specific blocks of time. This saves you time, and you can always keep track of your schedule and appointment information.

Valant is a cloud-based integrated EMR software suite designed specifically for behavioral healthcare practices. The suite’s powerful features include appointment scheduling, HIPAA-compliant record management, and patient engagement tools. It even offers telehealth and e-prescribing.

Outcome Measures

Valant EMR Software is a web-based solution for healthcare practices. Its features improve workflow by allowing users to check in with patients easily and send them initial assessments and intake documents prior to their appointments. It also lets users view their patients’ calendars by day and week with color-coded appointments. Its demo is similar to that of the Intergy EHR demo. However, the software only syncs in one direction, meaning users must log in to make changes.

Valant EMR is a web-based EHR solution for mental health practitioners that integrates billing, clinical workflows, and patient medical records. It offers robust billing and reporting capabilities and streamlines client management and clinical workflows. While some users have complained about Valant’s system speed, many have praised its comprehensive features. However, others have criticized Valant’s lack of responsiveness and unprofessional customer service.

Valant’s documentation workflow helps improve documentation practices and save time. It also provides the ability to view a patient’s chart from a mobile device. Moreover, it offers a streamlined interface for creating structured notes. This also cuts down on the typing time required to document patient records.

The pricing structure of Valant EMR Software is comparable to other recent solutions. The system costs around $200 to $250 per user and can be purchased on an annual basis. It is a cloud-based solution that is HIPAA-compliant. It was founded by David Lischner, M.D., a physician and software developer from Seattle. The company employs 67 people.

The Valant EHR is a web-based EMR that integrates patient medical records with revenue tracking and clinical workflows. It has a user-friendly interface and strong billing and invoicing capabilities. Other features include a patient portal, pre-made clinical documentation, and screening forms.


Valant EMR is a complete electronic health record (EMR) system that offers several benefits to healthcare providers. The system allows multiple offices to use the same software, and it includes advanced features that allow doctors to perform measurement-based care. It also offers secure two-way messaging, ePrescribing, and appointment reminders.

Valant is also easy to use, and it comes with features that streamline client intake workflow. The system allows users to check patients in and out, send intake documents, and complete initial assessments. It can also generate clinical reports, such as the number of clients with specific diagnoses and retention rates. Users can also import notes from other systems. The system also works with the Dr first e-prescribing service, which allows doctors to prescribe medications electronically.

Although Valant Medical Solutions does not publish its pricing, its prices are comparable to other newer solutions. A typical monthly cost ranges between $200 and $250 per user, and annual contracts are available for large medical practices. The company was founded by David Lischner, M.D., and has approximately 67 employees in Seattle, Washington.

Valant EMR is easy to use and can be customized to fit the needs of psychiatric practice. It allows mental health professionals to import scanned records and collaborate on treatment plans. It also integrates with PDMP. Users report that it’s fast and reliable, and the company has excellent customer support.

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