March 24, 2023
Online Consent Management And Monitoring System
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Online Consent Management And Monitoring System

The Online Consent Management And Monitoring System of pollution control board is an online consent management system developed by the Department of Health Services, Government of India. The purpose of this system is to provide a one-stop platform for all stakeholders involved in consent processes to access information about consent requirements and documents required for consent. This is to ensure that the users are aware of the terms and conditions of using any service. This will ensure that all stakeholders are aware about the process and what documents are needed for consent, thus facilitating effective communication among them.

This system was developed to ensure that all records regarding consent are up-to-date, accurate, complete and credible before entering them into the database.

This system also has an automated email notification system that sends out notifications to all study participants who have signed a consent form or have been added to this database. This ensures that they receive an email with all relevant information regarding their participation in a study.

Consent to Establish / Consent to Operate

  • Consent to Establish: This consent is required to be obtained before establishing any Industry, Plant, or Process. The Consent to Establish is the primary clearance.
  • Consent to Operate: Once the Industry, Plant, or Process being established according to mandatory pollution control systems, the units are required to obtain consent to operate.


  1. Site plan
  2. List of Partner/ Directors (names along with residential address) and telephone number.
  3. Certificate of SSI, Industry department certificate.
  4. Lay Out plan
  5. Building plans with machinery details drawn by competent person.
  6. Total built up area
  7. Project report along with details of manufacturing process
  8. Details of Effluent / Sewage Treatment Plant along with flow diagram.
  9. Details of air pollution control measures: stack/ chimney wise for boiler and process emission.
  10. Details of DG set if any
  11. List of raw material with quantity per day MTD/ Per month (MT/M)
  12. List of product/by-product with quantity per day MTD/ Per month (MT/M)
  13. Material Safety Data Sheet in case of chemical industries.
  14. For ground water with drawal, Puducherry ground water authority permission.
  15. Letter of membership of common Bio medical waste treatment facility (CBMWTF) (for
  16. Health care facilities, Pharmaceutical units).


  1. Break-up of water uses and water balance. (process consumption, domestic usage, canteen usage, gardening usage, Boiler usage, other uses). 
  2. Details of manufacturing process, with process flow diagram and all chemical equations ( stoichiometric equation). 
  3. Environmental statement (form-V). 
  4. Details of air pollution control measures: stack / chimney wise for flue gas and process emission. 
  5. List of raw material with quantity per month (MT/M).
  6. List of product/by-product with quantity per month (MT/M). 
  7. MSDS in case of chemical industries
  8. Details of HW as per 2016 amended rules or for all categories with Quantity, for Reception (Reprocessor/ Re-cycler), Generation, Collection, Storage, Treatment (Details of Method) and Disposal (Details of Method).(if applicable). 
  9. Details of step taken by the applicant for reduction and prevention in the waste generated or for recycling or reuse (Copy of under taking for the same). 
  10. Third party analysis report of waste water analysis, source sampling and ambient air quality analysis by NABL, MoEF accredited laboratory ( in case of consent renewal). 
  11. Food and Drugs endorsement copy (in case of Pharmaceutical industry). 
  12. Environmental Clearance from MoEF or SEIAA (for projects requiring Environmental Clearance). *

Application Procedure For Consent To Establish 

  1. The project proponent shall apply for consent only through Online Consent Management & Monitoring System (OCMMS). Application will not be received by offline. Web portal for online consent application is
  2. Submit the documents online for Consent to Establish, Consent to Operate, Renewal of Consents
  3. Pay the consent fee online.
  4. After submission of application, it will be processed and site will be inspected by the officers of PPCC. Thereafter, the subject will be placed before the respective Committee and decision will be taken. 

As per EIA Notification 2006, 38 categories of industries have to obtain Environmental Clearance from Ministry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change, Government of India / State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority

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