March 22, 2023
Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate

An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate, which is a report that evaluates a property's energy efficiency. The report considers factors such as how well insulated the property is and will estimate how much your utility bills will be. It a
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An EPC is an Energy Performance Certificate, which is a report that evaluates a property’s energy efficiency. The report considers factors such as how well insulated the property is and will estimate how much your utility bills will be. It also suggests changes that will save you money. An energy performance certificate is a very useful tool when buying, selling, or renting a home. Understanding what an EPC is can help you get useful information about a property you’re considering buying or improve one before selling.

What information can an EPC Certificate provide?

An EPC Certificate will provide a rating for energy efficiency as well as a rating for environmental impact. It will also calculate the annual energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, lighting, heating, and hot water consumption, as well as the potential annual costs for each. It will also suggest ways to improve your energy efficiency rating and tell you how much they will cost to install and how much money you will save per year.

The colour/grading indicates how energy efficient the property is. Some properties may be able to become much more energy efficient with minor changes such as replacing light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. Larger changes, such as installing solar panels, may be expensive or undesirable; however, there is no obligation to make the changes; they are there to guide you. (Unless you are a landlord and your property has a rating of less than an ‘E,’ in which case you must improve for the sake of your tenants.)

Other properties may be as efficient with the type of abode as possible. Old stone cottages, for example, may struggle to be energy efficient due to the materials used in their construction.

How can I put an EPC to use?

When considering a property, an EPC certificate is a great source of information for buyers. It can predict how much you’ll pay in bills and what changes you can make to the property in the future to reduce them even more. When it comes to EPCs, it’s important to be practical; they’re a great way to demonstrate a property’s efficiency, but they must be viewed in context. If you want to buy a stone cottage by the sea, you should expect all properties of that type to have low EPC ratings.

It’s easy to dismiss an EPC, but knowing what your bills will be and how you can improve the property is a valuable asset. It is always beneficial to have more information about the insulation, whether the windows are double glazed, and how you can reduce your bills.

How do I determine the EPC rating?

If you’re looking to buy a home, an EPC certificate is often included as one of the images in the listing. This is a colourful image with a variety of colours and letters ranging from A-G. Check that the EPC attached to the property listing is current; they only last 10 years. If the EPC isn’t attached, or you suspect it’s an old one, you can speak with the estate agent or seller directly, or go to the EPC register to search by address.

What exactly do the EPC ratings mean?

Energy Performance Certificates are assigned a letter grade ranging from ‘A’ to ‘G,’ with ‘A’ being the most energy efficient and ‘G’ being the least. The certificate will show the current rating as well as which letter category it belongs to. The EPC’s best feature is that it also displays the potential rating.

This means that the report evaluates how energy efficient the property could be if the changes recommended by the EPC were implemented. The lower the energy bills are likely to be, the more energy efficient a property is. A report with a high energy efficiency rating is likely to be well insulated, have double-glazed windows, have a covered boiler, and be well-maintained.

EPCs for Landlords

Landlords must have an up-to-date EPC when renting out a property or starting a new tenancy since an update last year. EPCs expire after ten years and must be renewed. There are now MEES (minimum energy efficiency standards) to consider. A rental property cannot have a lower than an ‘E’ rating. More information on EPCS for landlords can be found in our article.

As a seller, how do I use an EPC?

A current EPC is a legal requirement for anyone selling a home. They expire every ten years, so check to see if you need to update the EPC before putting your home on the market. It’s very simple to find a Domestic Energy Assessor to complete your EPC – we recommend getting multiple quotes to get the best deal. When you list your home for sale, your EPC will be attached to the listing. You can, however, use an Energy Performance Certificate to improve your property and make it more appealing to a buyer.

Some energy efficiency recommendations are extremely simple to implement and do not require a lot of money or time. Things like replacing your boiler cover, increasing the thickness of your insulation, and switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs can all improve your rating and lower your energy bills. That is undoubtedly advantageous to a buyer.

When do I not require an EPC?

Certain types of properties do not require an EPC certificate. Listed buildings, temporary structures, and those scheduled for demolition are just a few of the reasons a property would be EPC exempt. If you believe you do not need an EPC for your property or are concerned about purchasing one without one, we have a more comprehensive list of EPC exemptions.

What is EPC GO?

EPC GO is dedicated to providing EPCs with a smooth process from start to finish at a competitive price. Both Stroma and Elmhurst Energy have insured and accredited us. We have completed over 3000 EPCs and have worked in an estate and letting agency for 8 years. You may require an EPC for a single property or a portfolio, or you may be a managing agent; whatever your needs, we are here to help.

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