March 23, 2023
demographics of my Instagram followers
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Social media demographics are a crucial aspect of any business. ( demographics of my Instagram followers )The information on gender, age range, the optimal time of day, as well as the location of the target audience are readily accessible on Instagram If you are aware of where to search.In this article, we’ll show you how to use the insights from Instagram for you to track KPIs and improve your business Instagram here

Instagram Insights Explained

Before you get into the details, remember that the demographics available are just on business accounts. If you’re using a budget for your personal or creator, changing to a business account is straightforward (see the steps you can do here).

If you’ve been looking for an answer, Instagram Insights is not as difficult as you believe. In reality, they are merely analytic tools that account holders employ on Instagram to track the information on their accounts, including:

  • Content
  • Engagement
  • Audience Information

Where to Find Instagram Demographics Information

To locate Instagram demographics, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Instagram profile, then click the hamburger menu in the upper right-hand corner.

Step 2: You need to click on the link that reads “Insights.” You will be taken into Instagram Insights for the profile.

Step 3: Tap on the tab called “Audience” to view your demographics or follower breakdown, which includes details like:

  • Account growth
  • The top places of followers
  • Follower’s age range
  • Follower gender distribution
  • Active audience information

Why is Instagram Follower Demographics Important?

What’s the point of Instagram followers’ demographics so important?

Here’s the deal.

Growth on Instagram organically doesn’t occur overnight unless you have a last name like Kardashian, Hilton, or Beckham. Demographic data can provide actionable insights to help you optimise your Instagram account.

For instance, knowing the time of the day that a person’s followers are the most active on social media will give you an idea of peak posting times.

Demographic data like audience gender, location, and activity form the foundation of every successful Instagram advertising strategy.

How to Use Instagram Follower Demographics to Improve Instagram 

Instagram is overflowing with content. But, the most intelligent content creators know the importance of demographic data in determining strategies.

Does your content attract the right audience? What can you tell?

Quality content is the best. It is common for managers and social media marketers to employ the phrase “Post quality content.” In reality, content is only efficient when it is shared with the right audience.

That’s why demographics are so crucial for your growth strategy.

  • It’s the only way to measure whether your content is getting the attention of
  • They are the right ones (gender)
  • The right moment (activity)
  • The right place (location)

Suppose the demographic information is biassed or is the opposite of the personas of a profile’s target audience. In that case, this could impact the authenticity of a profile’s lookalike audiences and the efficacy of a boosted post.

Note :

Optimise Content for Instagram

As influencers or business owners, you’re probably aware that each platform has its unique target audience. Thus, demographic data helps content creators craft content targeted to the people on a particular platform. For example, a company’s followers on Twitter could be primarily male and younger than 25.

In contrast, this same business could have an audience on Instagram that is predominantly female within the United Kingdom. Each group of users will be attracted to various types of Instagram ideas for content. Demographic information can help businesses to optimize or change content based on knowledge rather than assumptions.How to find the demographics of my Instagram followers.

What is the reason for studying Instagram followers’ demographics?

Analytics is a crucial component of any online marketing, including SMM or Instagram marketing. Analysing the audience on the platform allows you to understand the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

Apart from that, it helps determine the source of traffic, the ideal times to be posting, preferences for your audience, and other elements you need to consider as a marketer.

Simply filling your feeds with posts won’t do the trick. It would help if you attracted followers who read the content and could turn into customers. Not only any followers but the ones who are interested in you. 

As a marketer, you need to know that only the people you want to reach will purchase your product or services or produce leads.

This is the reason why following demographics analysis is vitally important. It allows you to understand your market segment in-depth, determine what they require, and adjust your marketing strategy to respond to their requirements.

Thorough audience analysis can save you time and money and help you make informed decisions. Suppose you already have a strategy for marketing that you like that you paid for targeted ads and then posted some high-quality content. 

Audience analysis allows you to predict the results and discover what marketing strategies are more do you view the demographics of instagram

How do you determine the demographics of your followers on Instagram?

There are two ways to accomplish this. The first is to study the metrics provided by Instagram’s native analytics tools within the section on Insights. Then, you can head to an external Instagram analytics source.

Learn about the demographics of your followers with Instagram Insights

One benefit this platform offers is the possibility of having accessibility to crucial information about your profile in Your account’s settings. It’s important to note that to gain access to these analytics, you’ll need to change to a Professional account. However, since it’s free and only will take about 10 seconds to complete, it’s a no-brainer.

When your account is upgraded to Professional, You’ll be able to get the Insights tab after you click on the Settings icon. Insights provide metrics about three crucial factors: your profile’s activity and the audience. This is precisely what we require in this instance.

This is the tab where you will discover the essential details about your followers to help you build your target audience profile. The information you will find includes:

Male to female gender: male follower female ratio.

Age: followers according to age groups (13-17 18-24, 25-34 35-44, 45-54 55-64 65and over).

Top five locations: Top 5 cities and countries from which most of your followers are.

Hours and Days: The average time that your followers spend on your platform and the days when your followers are most active.


There’s nothing new about this, of course, due to her area of fashion and beauty. However, the proportion of male followers also appears relatively high. This could be due to the consistent high-quality and enjoyment of the content that the influencer creates:

Location of the Audience

Most of her followers are from the US, which is quite natural since she’s an American-born influencer living in Los Angeles. Please take note that most of her followers reside in most English-speaking countries. However, 3.06% of her followers are from Indonesia, which isn’t an insignificant percentage of her followers.

What can I do to check an Instagram influencer’s demographics on followers?

Looking over Instagram profiles for followers’ demographics is very simple and requires only a few steps.

The service will produce an in-depth report. It could take a few minutes or even 12 hours. The time to wait depends on the profile size you are looking at and whether the profile was checked prior. If someone had run this check on their profile, you could get the report within one minute.

It’s also convenient that you don’t need to refresh your web browser to check if your report is complete. When the test is completed, you’ll receive an email alert.

It’s worth noting that you can look up any Instagram profile with this kind of information regardless of whether it’s yours or another person’s. If it’s not private and you have access to the analysis of the profile.

What can we do with the findings of Instagram’s demographic analysis? Instagram study of demographics?

Any data you gather from the profile analytics can always use to enhance your profile’s stats and promote your company.

The analysis of your Instagram demographics on your account will allow you to determine:

  • target audience preferences;
  • how your viewers react to your content;
  • ideal times to post;
  • The correct format of content;
  • the most efficient ways of promotion

What marketing strategies do not produce the desired results?

In all likelihood, the other accounts you check could prove to be equally helpful. Through analysing a different account’s demographics, you will observe:

which strategies and techniques you can incorporate into your marketing plan;

the degree of their audience’s authenticity

What kind of content is most appealing to the audience they are targeting;

There are many more aspects.


A successful social media marketing strategy can be achieved without an analysis of the demographics of your followers. You can develop an effective method by constantly monitoring changes in your followers’ demographics and traits.

Furthermore, the analysis of the audience aids in identifying any mishaps or errors, identifying strategies for marketing that provide the most effective conversions, and then making the necessary program to correct the issue.

Although the platform can provide users with a few basic analytics, it may not be enough to create an overall strategy.

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