March 20, 2023
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If you have ever tried to ride a buggy, then this unforgettable feeling will always be with you. Buggy is the perfect combination of extreme, fresh air and adventure. Some may find such a pastime not comfortable enough, but the right clothes, skiing area, and vehicle can smooth out all the shortcomings. About how to choose a buggy, what points you should pay attention to, and what is most important – we will try to tell in our material.

Design features

This is a frame car that is designed to drive in extreme conditions, on blurry dirt roads or rocky terrain. Experienced drivers can safely jump over logs and other obstacles because the power of the car allows them to do this without problems. Among the main features of the car are:

  • Has a low center of gravity.
  • Strong frame.
  • Protective case.
  • Four-point seat belts.

Compared to other models, these machines are very light in weight. They are quite maneuverable, which allows you to pass tracks of varying complexity without much effort. It is worth paying attention to the dimensions of the mobile – for example, the most common trailer size of 2.5×1.5 meters is used to transport the K5 buggy.

Separate sports tournaments for children and adults were invented for this type of transport. The emotional intensity there is much higher than in ordinary competitions because there are elements of extreme sports and risk.

Buggy: Features

The frame consists of two panels (front and back), which are fastened together and attached to the hangers.

  • The body is made of sheets of metal (sometimes fiberglass) for strength.
  • Additional safety is provided by an external arc.
  • The arc tube is used seamlessly, which ensures that it will not crack during riding.
  • The bottom is lined with several feet of compacted metal.
  • Separate brakes, with dual circuit drive.
  • There is a hand brake.
  • The design allows the engine to cool automatically.
  • Additional equipment with various devices showing the state of the system.

Tires differ depending on the model, the most used is a deeply embossed tread with an asymmetric pattern and additional protection around the perimeter. Seat belts play an important role. On factory models, they are side by side 4 seater models. Models that are made by one’s own hands may have more variations, but this is still considered the safest one. This transport option is suitable for adults and children. It performs well on rough terrain, sand, grass, and mud. 

Buggy for long trips, research routes, and expeditions, equipped with a luggage compartment (for storing things) and additional tires (in case of unforeseen breakdown).

Buggy characteristics

If you are thinking about which buggy is better to choose, then you need to make a whole list of parameters that you need to pay close attention to when buying. First, it is necessary to assess the technical condition of the car. We recommend buying only a new product in official stores and avoiding buying used cars. When choosing used goods, you will never be sure of their safety, and you will not be able to guarantee it to your passengers.


First of all, you need to check the number of seat belts and the type of fastening. Evaluate the quality of the frame and find out the material from which it is made. Look at the body material and bottom thickness (at least 1.5 mm).


Engine power affects the endurance of the car, its speed, and its ability to maneuver on the road. Buggy speed can be up to 140 km/h. The optimum safe speed is about 70 km/h. Power will allow not only to make maneuvers but also to make jumps.


It is necessary to additionally check what equipment the model you have chosen has. A pressure gauge, a place for attaching a spare tire, rear-view mirrors, stops and turns, side nets, a windshield, a winch, a rear / front lamp must be included. To buy a working buggy, you need to know in advance exactly where it will be used.


While choosing your buggy, make sure you follow all the guidelines mentioned here and get something that suits your driving habits and liking.

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