December 9, 2022
A Few Things to Know About CAT D Licence
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You have probably travelled by bus as a passenger at least a few times. What about operating the bus, though? A career as a bus driver can be ideal for you if you like working with people, have flexible schedules, and receive a consistent monthly salary.

Do you want to become a bus driver in the UK? If yes, then you might have some questions in your mind.

To become a bus driver, you should get a CAT D licence in the UK. It has a long procedure.

Before you start your hgv class 1 training, here are a few questions we have answered. People usually ask these questions as they go for their HGV training.

In the UK, how much do bus drivers make?

This heavily depends on the region of the nation in which you choose to work. For example, a local bus route in Cornwall will pay more to operate than one in Central London. The average compensation is £22,000 per year or £12.43 per hour. Take these figures with a grain of salt, though, as the location you choose to work in and your expertise in driving will have a powerful impact on your ability to earn as a bus driver. Most businesses use a tier system where your pay rises in proportion to your duration of service.

Extra time is frequently offered as days, bank holidays, and odd hours in the industry of heavy goods vehicle driving. This is a fantastic method to raise your total pay!

How long does it take to train to drive a bus?

Six to eight weeks. The process of returning your new licence after the DVLA has added the provisional entitlement to your CAT D licence can take a lot of time. For several reasons, sometimes 3+ weeks. Make the most of this opportunity by thoroughly reviewing for your PCV theory exams. There are two options for practical bus training: “total hours” or full days. You would require at least 7 days of training, or at least 3 hours per day of actual driving if you had never driven a larger vehicle before.

USEFUL TIP – START REVISING as soon as you decide you want to become a bus driver and request the application paperwork. When your new licence is returned to you via postal mail, you’ll be prepared to take your PCV theoretical examinations. Saving you overall time.

How long do bus drivers in the UK work?

Brief overview

  • Over ten hours a day, driving is illegal.
  • After five and a half hours of driving, you must stop for at least 30 minutes.
  • A minimum of 10 hours must pass between two working days for rest.
  • You will typically work between 38 and 45 hours a week for a bus company. It’s important to note that you may virtually earn more money by working overtime. But always be careful not to drive more than the allowed amount of time!

So these were a few questions that people usually ask. So if you want to train to get a CAT D licence, you have collected enough information.

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