March 22, 2023
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We all have that one go-to brand that never fails to impress us, no matter what. For us and many others, it’s the Fruit of the Loom.

Basically, it’s a brand that bears fruit. As in the everyday clothing that we keep on buying again and again.
But, in today’s article, we want to share an idea with you about starting our own store. Or even if you already have one, how can you expand your store’s sales? The quick answer is to resell wholesale clothing products from renowned brands. IT’S EASY!

We suggest buying fruit of the loom t-shirts wholesale from any online supplier. And make it a part of your store. You can either customize these products or sell that as it is. It entirely depends on your choice and what your audience prefers.

Don’t believe us? Here are 6 reasons why you need to start selling the Fruit of the Loom products in your online store.

1. Profitable and of High Quality

Let’s take the initiative by showcasing our greatest asset: these Fruit of the Loom t-shirts and hoodies are sales powerhouses. Now, in the interest of full openness, I should mention that they are not the most reasonably priced products in our selection. However, these are an excellent combination of price and quality, and they find the sweet spot between living up to people’s expectations of a good deal and charging a reasonable amount for what it is that you are selling.

2. Recognizability of the Brand

According to Yougov, Fruit of the Loom is the third most popular apparel retailer in the world and the sixth most famous clothes retailer overall. A little less than 97% of individuals in the market are familiar with them, and only 4% of those people hold a negative opinion of them. Those are the kinds of stats that most brands would give everything to have!

Every single day, a growing number of people conduct searches that include the term “Fruit of the Loom”.

3. Well-Known Among People Of All Ages

Another interesting fact regarding Fruit of the Loom is presented here. All age groups have a favorable opinion of the brand, with Baby Boomers and Gen Xers having a favorable opinion that is greater than 70% (77% and 72%) and Millennials having a favorable opinion that is greater than 65%. That’s enough to put it in the top five most popular clothing brands across all three categories, and it puts it in third place among Boomers and Generation Z alike.

4. Nublend

It is not hard to understand why this t-shirt made it into some lists of the top 10 greatest t-shirts available for print on demand. This year, the men’s VIT has quickly become a merchant favorite due to its semi-slim fit, which imparts a sense of high quality, and the soft cotton, which contributes to the same feeling. This t- shirt’s popularity has increased as more guys have been looking for one that fits them well. It is a terrific item that can be worn across a variety of platforms.

Nublend is a combination of polyester and cotton that is pill-resistant thanks to a top coat developed and patented by Fruit of the Loom. Because of this, these Fruit of the Loom Hoodies will continue to provide a high level of satisfaction to your customers even after many years have passed. The knotty and tufty accumulation comes with a condition known as “pilling.”

5. Print-friendly

Hoodies and t-shirts from Fruit of the Loom allow you to print on both the front and the back, giving you more options for your designs. This affords you some leeway in terms of originality, and it facilitates the usage of a tailored API for sports teams or other purposes. These are some high-quality goods that can go under a printing process on both the front and back. Another reason to buy fruit of the loom t-shirts wholesale now. However, if you’re looking for the best quality, 300dpi is the resolution to use.

6. Popular Among Women

It’s all about the fit for us. And it’s safe to say that this tee definitely hits the mark in that department. One of the t-shirts that have become one of the most popular sellers in 2019 is the Women’s Favorite Tee. It has a cut that is proportionally cut a little longer than the others in this category. This tee is firmly one of the top 10 best print-on-demand t-shirts available in 2019, thanks to the front and back design possibilities that enable merchants to get creative.

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With 74% of women indicating that they have a favorable opinion of the brand. It is clear that women hold a particularly favorable perception of Fruit of the Loom. The information was gleaned from interviews with over 8000 citizens of the United States conducted between 2021 and 2022.

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