March 16, 2023
Ludo King apk
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Online gaming is a booming industry. Many youngsters and even adults are seen spending their time gaming online either as individuals or a group with friends.

Many of these games offer a variety of benefits for the player such as happiness while playing with peers, stress relief by concentrating on something light hearted and for some people it is a form of sport that helps them release their adrenaline by competing against others.

People in fact make money via online games such as in online Ludo app where gamers have a chase to bet or win cash prizes, online rummy which is a form of cards that helps win cash, online war games such as PubG and others where game play is recorded and posted online for followers etc.

In all these methods, gamers not only enjoy what they do but in fact are even able to monetise their love for playing online games. Of all such games perhaps Ludo has remained one of the most loved and popular games for Indians.

What is Online Ludo?

Ludo is a game that is one of the most traditional and historic games that has been played in India. Ludo was initially called Pachisi, a game played with dice marked cross and circle. The game is originally played by 4 members with 4 coins each one competing against another trying to get their coins into the home on a ludo board.

The path that is taken by the coins is decided by the roll of a dice. All Indians would have played Ludo at some point or other in their lifetime. Ludo is one of the most popular games in the history of Indian board games and most children grow up playing Ludo in their homes or with friends.

Today, as the times have changed, people hardly play games that are as traditional as Ludo. This can be attributed to the rise of many other games on the internet which has slowly replaced the likes of Ludo. Games with warcraft and other fancy missions had slowly replaced traditional games such as Ludo.

But with the pandemic hitting India in early 2020, most people found their love for Ludo once again in the form of Online Ludo Apps. These apps were available on popular platforms such as Android and iPhone and allowed anyone to play ludo with either a group of friends or with random allocation of peers on the platform.

Reasons why People love Ludo

Ludo, unlike other games, does not require a serious span of attention or too much focus, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea. It is a light hearted game that can be played by everyone and by all age groups. It is a fun game and is purely decided by the roll of a dice which is completely random.

Ludo is fun when played online as there is no restriction on having all the physical game tools such as the board, dice and pieces. Anyone can play the game from anywhere and with friends who are no matter near or far.

Ludo is a carefree and fun game, but online ludo made it more exciting by attaching certain cash prizes that can be won by players. This mild form of promotion helped gamers and those who were restricted at home due to the pandemic to find their love for ludo once again.

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