March 23, 2023
Udyam Registration
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Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) is an abbreviation for “Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. The MSME Act, which further serves to facilitate the promotion, economic expansion, and enhancement of the competitiveness of micro, small, and medium firms, governs MSMEs. Although the MSME Act does not necessarily involve registration, many business units do so in order to gain access to benefits such as financing, loans, and engagement in government contracts for MSMEs. The Act allows both manufacturing businesses to register. An enterprise (referred to as “Udyam” on the Udyam Registration) will be granted a permanent identifying number known as the “Udyam Registration Number”(URN) during MSME registration.

What is MSME / Udyam Registration?

The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act of 2006 were being used by the Indian government to promote MSME, or Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. The production, smart manufacturing, processing, or maintenance of goods and commodities is the primary objective of these businesses.

MSMEs are classified into four categories in conformity with Notification No. S.O. 1702(E) Dated 01.06.2020, effective July 01, 2020.

Criteria Micro Small Medium
Investment in Plant and Machinery Not more than Rs.1 crore Not more than Rs. 10 crore Not more than Rs. 50 crore
Annual turnover Not more than Rs.5 crore Not more than Rs.50 crore Not more than Rs.250 crore



While registering for Udyam, you must complete the following basic steps:


Each person is given an Aadhar number, which is really a unique identity number.


  • Applicant Name: Applicants should input their name exactly as it appears on their Aadhar card.
  • Mobile Number: Simply enter the applicant’s Indian mobile number without the country code.
  • Email Id: The applicants should be needed to provide a valid e-mail address, which will be used to deliver all relevant information and updates.
  • Plant Address: You must enter your complete plant address, including state and Pincode, in the plant address field.
  • Office Address: The applicant must provide his or her relevant office address, which includes state and Pincode.
  • Annual Turnover: Applicants must provide their annual turnover in their application.
  • Applicants can select from the following social categories: general, obc, sc, and st.
  • Aadhar Number: Applicants must input their 12-digit aadhaar number issued by the UIDAI.
  • The number on the back of the applicant’s pan card must be entered.
  • Bank Account Number: Type your bank account number exactly as it appears in your passbook.
  • Mention the IFSC code of your bank.
  • Date of Business Inception: Applicants must provide the date on which their business began, and this date will be printed on the certificate.
  • Kind of Organization: The applicant must choose the type of organization because it will be printed on the certificate.
  • Choose a primary business activity: (manufacturer or service provider).
  • Additional Business Information: If the applicant wishes, he or she might include further information about their company. (For example, food product production, and computer programming).
  • Number of Employees: List the number of people who work for your company.
  • Investment in Plant & Machinery/Equipment: Include the entire investment made by the applicant in plant, machinery, and equipment, among other things, to launch his or her firm.


NOTE: Document submission (Aadhar card and Pan card) will be requested after payment is completed successfully.

How can You Try Figuring Out how Much Your Plant and Machinery are Worth?

The comprehensive manner in an official press release August 6, 2020, that the worth of plants and equipment or facilities may have the same meaning as plant and machinery in the Income Tax Rules, 1962, adopted mostly under Income Tax Act, 1961, and includes all ownership advantages (other than land and building, furniture and fittings).

The online Udyam Registration Form documents depreciated expenditure as of the 31st March of the previous year. As a result, for all people’s benefit of Notification No. S.O. 2119(E) dated 26.6.2020 and for all enterprises, the importance of Property and Equipment or Installations be the Written Down Value (WDV) since about the end of the Financial Year as defined in the Income Tax Act, rather than the time of its acquisition or original price, which was appropriate of the previous classification criteria.

Benefits of MSME / Udyam Registration

Especially given the fact that there is no legal basis for the registration. Businesses are required to register in order to get benefits, tax concessions, or support from the federal or state governments now under MSMED Act. Registration of micro, small, and medium (MSM) firms under the MSMED Act is a very strong tool enabling taking advantage of the Centre’s rebate program, which typically includes the following:

For more information about Print Udyam Registration Certificate visit the given link.

  • Buyers’ payment impairments are protected, as are interest rights on late payments.
  • Conciliation and arbitration are used to resolve the situation with purchasers in a professional manner.
  • Banks focus on providing easy finance without the use of collateral.
  • Preference in government tenders is given to lower interest rates, as well as increased provision of health care to credit.
  • ISO certification expenses/subsidy on ISO certification/patent and intellectual property laws reimbursement.
  • NSIC (National Small Industries Corporation) registration.
  • Enterprises in the manufacturing and processing sectors are subject to reservation policies.
  • Contributions to the government registration process for purchases.


Enrolling your corporation with Udyam Registration gives you access to a slew of incentives and programs that your company may take advantage of. The registration procedure is designed to be as simple as possible. We are a service company with well-educated and dedicated staff. Get your firm verified quickly, with little difficulty, at a low cost, and with certifications that are valid for life. Please fill out the inquiry form and one of our professionals will contact you via the MSME Udyam hotline number if you have any questions.

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