March 16, 2023
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What could be better than enjoying the luxury and privacy of a charter jets on a corporate trip to Dallas? Dallas is one of the biggest cities in the southwest and is home to dozens of employers. 

The city also hosts some of the top business conferences and trade shows in the world that help you get your company name out there and make new connections. Even if you need a corporate rental to a different city, you can easily find the right service. Learn the top things you need to know about booking private jets for corporate trips.

Size Matters

There’s an old joke that everything is bigger in Texas, which applies to both the hotel rooms you rent and the flights you book. You can usually book one of four jet types. Small jets are the smallest but also help you get there fast. The Falcon 10 and DHC-6 Twin Otter are just a few of the small jets available. 

If you need more space for your employees or coworkers, consider a medium jet such as the Hawker 750. Consider the super mid-jets and heavy jets when you can afford to spend more and have a bigger group.

Plan Your Trip

Planning your trip in advance is the best way to make sure that you book a rental with enough space for your corporate crew. More than 300,000 people fly by private jet during the busy months every year. 

If you wait until a few weeks or even a few days before your trip to look for a private charter, you may find that none are available or that you need to pay a lot to rent one. While you may get lucky and find some last-minute rentals, try to book a corporate jet at least three to six months in advance.

Consider Optional Services

Optional services are things that do not come standard with your rental but are available for those who need them. Ground transportation and hotel reservations are a few good options. With ground transportation, the company you work with will arrange for rental cars or taxis to pick your group up when you land and take you to your hotel or a meeting room. 

The company can make hotel reservations for you to ensure you have all the rooms you need for your group. You might add a taxi service that picks your group members up from their homes and takes them to the hangar, too.

Benefits of Corporate Travel

Booking a private jet in Dallas for your corporate gig is a good way to take advantage of the benefits of private flights. Unlike commercial airports that require you to go through security and wait in line to check in before you wait in line to get on your plane, private rentals let you skip all those lines and get right on the plane. 

You also avoid the issues of connecting flights, which you often need to take to reach some destinations. Private flights can take you right from Point A to Point B without making any stops.

For Employees and Clients

Before booking a private corporate flight, consider whether you need to travel with employees or clients. Flying with employees is a more casual affair. You don’t need to worry about having flight attendants bring drinks or food or what you wear and do on the flight. If you travel with clients you want to impress, you need a cabin crew to look after them. 

The cabin crew can serve drinks and food during longer flights and ensure everyone is comfortable. You can even arrange for special meals for passengers who have dietary restrictions or follow strict diets.

Book a Corporate Jet

Buying a corporate jet can cost a lot of money, but you can rent one of these planes for a fraction of the cost. The right plane helps you make a great impression when you travel with clients. You can also bond with your employees when you travel together. Some of the things to consider when you book a private jet for a corporate trip include the optional services you need and the type of jet that is right for your group

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