March 22, 2023
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She leapt at the chance when former customers of Linda Hayslett of LHS. Designs in Los Angeles invited her to return and rebuild a second bathroom in their home. The main bedroom and bathroom for the couple were previously created by Hayslett. She intended to make the new bathroom look tidy, bright, and uncluttered while also integrating it with the recently renovated rooms of the house.

A standout of this project was crafting plaster walls in the bathroom to give it a concrete look, which Hayslett plans to repeat in other projects. Since the couple’s wife disliked grout, Hayslett had the brilliant notion to completely remove the tile. Plaster is used to cover the outside of buildings, therefore it may also be used inside them. However, she adds, “If it’s used outside, it needs to be waterproof because there’s rain outside.” “I don’t believe many people are aware that it may also be used inside for a shower.”

Hayslett also succeeded in his design goals by figuring out how to deal with the shower’s low ceilings. We withdrew plumbing from the wall and pushed it to the ceiling because, in my opinion, a rain shower head would prevent people from bashing their heads on the shower head. Despite not modifying the bathroom’s actual footprint, Hayslett says she and the clients were quite happy with the outcome since it feels much larger than the original.

Before: According to Hayslett, “the footprint didn’t alter, but it feels bigger now because we removed a horrible, uncomfortable vanity, which took up so much space. Additionally, the tiles were fairly thick, which diminished the room’s appearance significantly.

The customers truly wanted a contemporary beach-spa vibe, but they also wanted it to complement their property and the work they had already done, according to Hayslett. “So in essence, I was attempting to assist them in accomplishing that, as well as complementing the major bathroom that I had already completed. We wanted everything to work together.

The plumbing fixtures, according to Hayslett, were the most outrageous expenditure this was also observed in a few of the companies that provides waterproofing services in Pune. He adds that the interaction of brass with the colour of the stucco walls was a factor in his decision to choose brass fixtures. “We wanted something very streamlined and contemporary. Brass looks extremely special in there, but it’s much more expensive than chrome or something like that, so we chose that instead.

The countertops, without hesitation, respond to Hayslett. “I don’t think most people realise that with slabs, you can either buy a slab from a slab yard or buy a premade countertop,” the author says. A slab would have cost $2,000 in this particular design, and its installation would have added another $2,000 to the cost. They decided to use pre-fabs instead. We didn’t want to spend $2,000 on a slab to get that look since it would be too expensive. This cost roughly $1,200, and the installation cost about $1,000 because they were pre-cut. practically half the cost

What I won’t do once more: “I don’t know; I want to do it again! I’ve been pushing for more thorough investigations in various locations for different initiatives. Both the clients and I were pleased with the outcome of this project. Of it, I would do it again.

The top-kept trick to gorgeous bathroom remodelling is now public knowledge. Additionally, it is much simpler and cheaper than traditional remodelling. Wall decals from Royal Design Studio can transform any room into a gorgeous setting, but in bathrooms, they instantly inject some individuality or boldness into a room that would otherwise be plain beige and if waterproofing is done perfestly the batroom can be an asset to your home. In addition, stencilled bathroom walls, contrary to popular assumption, actually make the little area appear larger since the pattern provides a room depth. Still, require verification of this insider information? Continue reading to view 18 stunning examples of toilet stencils.

Make today great! is Dwellings by Devore’s motto, and personalising your space can help you start your daily routine off right. She wanted her bathroom to be humorous and playful without being overtly thematic because she has a quirky and entertaining side. She chose to use our Flamingo Deco Wall Stencil in grey and white to paint her bathroom to avoid “overwhelming” the shared coed space with design. It was a rather simple and affordable makeover, she claims. I’m always in awe of how much power a little paint has!

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